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Change Release DataQuality

This EditType changes the DataQuality of a release licon.png from the database.

How to do it

  • The edit release data quality link Change can be found in the blue footer of the release box on the release page. The link takes you to a page where you can choose to raise or to lower the release DataQuality.

See the Edit Conditions for needed votes to shortcut the voting period.


See ReleaseLanguage for details.



  • Currently only 1 "yes" vote is required for instantly raising the data quality, but 4 "yes" votes are needed to lower the data quality. So be careful when voting, it could take time to revert the edit if needed.


This edit is always put to a vote, even if made by an AutoEditor.


A ChangeReleaseQualityEdit will fail due to a FailedPrerequisite if another ChangeReleaseQualityEdit changes the release DataQuality of this release.


Internal Errors

Symbolic name and id