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Every month or so a new artist will be chosen from the list of nominations to be the subject of "Cleanup of the Month". The aim is to focus the effort of the community and work as a team to clean up that artist's MusicBrainz entry. To complete and correct the discography as much as possible, to link usefull information, to basically "complete" it.

Each collaboration will be organised and discussed in its own wiki page and separate forum topic.

Current Cleanup(s) of the Month


Selecting the next Cleanup of the Month

To nominate an artist for a future cleanup, list the artist's name here. Good candidates for CotM should be artists that have large, messy or incomplete MusicBrainz entries. Please add more candidates!

Note: for projects and other ideas please list them here

Nominations for Cleanup of the Month

Blood, Sweat & Tears
Well known artist, but with a messy and incomplete discography.
Bruce Springsteen
Well known artist, the 3rd. Really bad style and lots of bootlegs. Shepard
Jimi Hendrix
mister Matt Perry on forum :D Mdhowe
The Who
I think it would be a good challenge; normal bootlegs and official bootlegs (if there is such a thing).
Status Quo
Well known artist, lots of bootlegs. Nine99
John Williams
Similar to Morricone in the number of entries, and the types of issues. Also, there are at least 8 different John Williams in the database, so easy potential for incorrect artist attributions between them.
New Jordal Swingers
Norwegian Band, Huge catalogue, 30+ years, lots of various releases, mostly empty entry.
Procol Harum
Prog band mostly known for their hit "A Whiter Shade of Pale". Their discography is full of similar releases that need tracking down for proof etc.

Previous Collaborations/Cleanups of the Month


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