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This Code of Conduct describes how members of the MusicBrainz community should interact and further detials how AutoEditors (aka AutoModerators) should act; using their privileges in a responsible way.

Community Members

  • Be polite. Remember that there's another person on the receiving end. Treat people as you'd wish to be treated yourself.
  • Remember that everyone was new at some point and a polite nudge in the right direction sometimes is all it takes.
  • Don't get into flame wars, or at least try to keep a neutral position as possible.


  • Set an example for others.
  • Don't abuse automod privileges, including applying controversial changes without a vote or making edits another person is already making (although this does happen accidentally sometimes).
  • Remember that some new users, given the right guidance, have the potential to become automods themselves one day. Whereas many may never come back if they're insulted.
  • In general, act responsibly. Automods are seen as a symbol of status, even if that wasn't the original intention, childish behaviour reflects badly on the MusicBrainz community as a whole.


Community Members

Making Edits

  • Provide explanations when entering edits.
  • Include links that validate your edits.
  • Listen to the advice of existing community members. Ask for clarification if you're still unsure.
  • Refer to the StyleGuide and Wiki for clarification.
  • Ask question on the mailing list or IRC irc:// if you're unsure.


Dealing With Open Edits

How should autoeditors deal with open edits, that they think are correct?

IIRC it was said, that autoeditors should not redo the same edit as an AutoEdit. While this might speed up the process of correcting MB data, it will make the other contributor's edit fail, and thus raise his FailedEditCount.

Making Disputed Edits

Autoeditors must never use their privileges to decide disputed edits in their favor.

alway check an items history before making a change that could be disputed. If you made an AutoEdit and then realise that it is disputed, you should:

  • Excuse yourself in a ModerationNote.
  • If you offended someone, revert your edit as a simple matter of courtesy.
  • Temporarily disable your AutoEditor privileges and enter the edit again as one to be voted upon.


I think the Code of Conduct should be expanded to the community as a whole with a section specific for AutoEditors. I've already made some adjustments to allow for this. -- WolfSong 17:17, 07 January 2006 (UTC)