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This is an introduction how to use the MusicCollection feature. It adds functionality for you to specify which releases are in your collection. Based on this information the website can tell you which releases you are missing of selected artists, and it can notify you on upcoming new releases from selected artists.

In the top menu there is a tab named Collection. In the pages under that tab you can access collection functionality. For info on how to add releases to your collection see the following section.

Adding releases to your collection

Releases can be added to your collection either from the website or by using a MusicCollectionTool which tells the server which releases you have in a specified directory on your computer. This requires the releases to be tagged.

Add a release from the website by going to the release page of the release to be added, and click the Add release to collection link.

Managing artists

You select which artists to see missing releases of, and of which to be notified about new releases. This is done by going to the artist's page and clicking the Display missing releases or Notify me on new releases link. From the artist page you can also unselect displaying missing relases or notifications on new releases. This can also be done from the artists page under the Collection tab. There you can see an overview of selected artists.