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MusicBrainz IRC Channel

Alert.png All users of the IRC channel are expected to follow the Code Of Conduct

Many of the [MusicBrainzBio MusicBrainz developers], as well as other users who want to chat with them, can be found on the #musicbrainz channel at (irc:// References to IRC on the Wiki generally refer to this channel. As in many communities the chatters in the channel have developed their own MusicBrainz Slang. Also, you may want to take a look through IRC Regulars to find out who's who on IRC.

Internet Relay Chat is a type of instant messaging network; you will need an IRC client to participate, but even without one, you can browse the IRC logs (there is only an extremely crude chronological index by days, but you can also look at today's log and yesterday's log).

Once connected it is necessary to register your nickname before you can join the channel. This is done by sending the string: "/msg nickserv register $password"