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MusicBrainz Mailing Lists

The MusicBrainz mailing lists are one of the most important communication forums of the project.

They can be found at There are searchable archives of all previous messages and subscription pages to add yourself to the lists.

When we speak of the MailingList on this wiki, we usually mean the main UsersMailingList. These links should probably be corrected.

Warning: The MusicBrainz mailing lists are currently being restructured. See MailingListDiscussion for details.

There are three multi-purpose mailing lists. They differ in the degree of involvement of their subscribers:

  • Discussions about the development of MusicBrainz for experienced users

Then there are some more specialized lists:

  • Discussion of style issues
  • Restricted list for discussion between and election of new AutoModerators

(there is a MailingListTemplate to create new MailingList pages)

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