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MusicBrainz Mailing Lists

The MusicBrainz mailing lists (sometimes called groups) are one of the most important communication forums of the project.

Reading and Writing to the Lists

You can read and search most of the lists in a combined archive (hosted by Nabble).

You can also search the mailman archives by selecting "Search the MusicBrainz mailing lists" on the Site Search. This is the same as adding to a query for a Google search.

You can send any (MusicBrainz related) mail to the UsersMailingList. You can even do this via Nabble. For all other lists, please make sure that your post is on topic -- see the descriptions below. You will need to subscibe to these lists in order to send mail. Finally, all users of the mailing lists are expected to follow the CodeOfConduct.

Multi-Purpose Mailing List

There is one multi-purpose mailing list. You can post about almost any MusicBrainz related topic. Note that in the post, two additional lists existed, though they are factually dead now (see down that page).

Users Mailing List
General discussions about MusicBrainz for all users. These include questions about the exact interpretation of the Style Guidelines. When the term "MailingList" is used, this usually means the Users Mailing List is meant.
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Specialized Mailing Lists

Then there are some more specialized lists which evolve around a specific topic:

Style Mailing List
Communication forum of the Style Council, used to discuss improvements to the Style Guidelines.
Please do not ask how to understand or use guidelines! Such questions should be asked on the UsersMailingList.
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Developers Mailing List
Development of MusicBrainz for programmers.
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Announce Mailing List
Low traffic mailing list with announcements of new MusicBrainz software, services and server updates.
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Automods Mailing List
Restricted list for discussion between and election of new AutoEditors. Read-only for non AutoEditors.
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Bugs Mailing List
This list is an automated notification of changes in our Trac bug tracking system. Whenever someone adds/changes/closes a bug a mail is posted to this list. This list is handy for keeping track of changes to bugs.
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Commits Mailing List
This list is an automated notification of Subversion commits. Whenever someone checks in code into the Subversion repository for any of the MusicBrainz projects, a mail will be sent to this list. This list is handy for keeping track of changes to the codebase.
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Datafeed Mailing List
For discussion and announcements relating to the MusicBrainz live datafeed. Low traffic.
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Playlist Mailing List
Discussion about creating a new portable playlist format that is open and portable. This list is not directly related to MusicBrainz, it is only hosted here.
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Internationalization Mailing List
Discussions about internationalization of MusicBrainz.
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Italian Mailing List
Discussion about Italian artists and releases. Mostly in Italian.
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