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In order to somehow structure our efforts on fixing and completing MusicBrainz data, the community sometimes forms projects around specialized areas. This helps people to coordinate their editing efforts and to find like-minded editors with knowledge in similar areas.

Feel free to contact, or join these groups, or found a new one!

Ongoing projects

Cleanup Of The Month
Every month a new artist is chosen from a list of nominations to be the subject of Collaboration of the Month. The aim is to work as a team to provide the most complete discography possible for a major artist in one month.
Amazon Japanese Catalog Number Cleanup
Trying to fix Japanese releases that have different catalog number than on Amazon
BBC Review Cleanup
Trying to map unlinked BBC reviews to MusicBrainz.
Artist Pages That Need Regular Cleaning Up
This page lists artist pages that need regular cleaning up (e.g. Artists like Intro, Mozart, etc. that get attributed with tracks that belong to another artist).
Tracks With Multiple Artists
This page includes a list of releases that have tracks that consist of more than one song by more than one artist. Most of them can now be cleaned up in the actual database, please help!
Releases With Pregap Tracks
This page tries to list all releases that have pregap tracks, which we currently can't store as part of CDs.
BBC Teams Editing MusicBrainz
Describes how the BBC /music teams and MusicBrainz community plan to work together.

See also Additional Metadata.

Editing Tools
Tools to speed up the process of importing a release into Musicbrainz when the data exists externally.

Status unknown

This page provides translations of musical terms commonly found in track titles and release titles.
Jazz Project / Soul Project
The Jazz project contains a number of resources for jazz oriented editors (compositions list in their canonical form, list of collections to tidy, information about labels, a "jazzy wiktionary", a quote board and more). The Soul project is still in its infancy, and for now just has a compositions list.

Past projects

Frogs Tidying Marathon
This page tracks the cleaning effort for French artists.
Mailing Lists Compared To Forums
This page is a summary of what users thought we'd miss if switching from mailing lists to forums.