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This is a table of BBC reviews that are not linked to MusicBranz. If you find the correct release group, relate the review to it in MusicBrainz and add its MBID to the Release Group column. If you can also find which release it is for exactly, you can add that information to the Release column to help the BBC map them back to MB in their site. In many (but not all) cases, the right release will have been added by a BBC editor, so you can check if any of the releases in the right release group were added by an editor named BBC_name.

If you find a review that is currently mapped to MusicBrainz, but wrongly, you can add it to the table at the bottom of the page, again with the MBID for the right release group and, if possible, the right release. We'll also give that information to the BBC.

Unlinked reviews

Review Release Group Release 3857ba31-bd98-4387-833e-fcd2c23086a2 b5f252c7-fcff-43cd-89c2-2c176175f823

Wrongly-linked reviews

Review Release Group Release