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== Have a question? ==
Please check the [[General FAQ]], or one of the other pages of [[Frequently Asked Questions|frequently asked questions]], to see if your question has already been answered. If you're using [[MusicBrainz Picard]], check its [[Picard Troubleshooting|troubleshooting page]].
If you can't find an answer to your question you can ask for help on one of our [[Mailing Lists|mailing lists]] or the [http://forums.musicbrainz.org/ forum].
== Found a bug? ==
Found a broken link or something that doesn't work as you expect it to? Please [http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/secure/CreateIssue.jspa?pid=10000&issuetype=1 let us know] and include details such as what happened, what you expected to happen, and the URLs of any pages involved.
== IRC ==
For those who prefer the convenience of [[IRC]], we invite you to join us in [irc://irc.freenode.net/musicbrainz #musicbrainz] or [irc://irc.freenode.net/musicbrainz-devel #musicbrainz-devel] on irc.freenode.net. Here you will find many developers, [[Auto-Editor|auto-editors]], and other active users who are willing to assist you with your questions.
== Would you like to sell us some Advertising? ==
If you do, we're not interested. Please don't contact us about advertising or link exchanges. We will not respond to these requests.
== Other enquiries ==
You can reach the MusicBrainz staff directly at one of the following addresses:
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| Support || [mailto:support%40musicbrainz.org support@musicbrainz.org]
| Donations || [mailto:donations%40musicbrainz.org donations@musicbrainz.org]
| Press enquiries || [mailto:press%40musicbrainz.org press@musicbrainz.org]
| Sponsorship enquiries || [mailto:sponsors%40musicbrainz.org sponsors@musicbrainz.org]
| Other enquiries || [mailto:info%40musicbrainz.org info@musicbrainz.org]
Note that MusicBrainz does not provide support for taggers in the [[Tagger Affiliate Program]] such as [[Magic MP3 Tagger]] or [[Jaikoz]]. Contact and support information for these applications can be found on their respective pages.
== Copyright issues ==
If you believe that MusicBrainz violates your copyright, you may [[Copyright Violation Notice|report a copyright violation]]. Please note that MusicBrainz provides data about recordings, ''not the music itself''. If you find your music listed in MusicBrainz '''it does not mean that we have access to or provide access to the music files themselves'''. If you still think that we're infringing your copyright, you must provide us with a link to where you can download the infringing copyright from our website. If you cannot provide us a link, we cannot help you.
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