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The split for YU (Yugoslavia) is a bit tricky; although it split up in 1992, the entity now known as Serbia and Montenegro retained the name Yugoslavia and the YU country code until 2003 (although they changed the flag immediately).  
The split for YU (Yugoslavia) is a bit tricky; although it split up in 1992, the entity now known as Serbia and Montenegro retained the name Yugoslavia and the YU country code until 2003 (although they changed the flag immediately).
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    • Sure, there is some (boring to maintain) duplication. Though, are they really the same? This one claims to be ISO_3166-1, and contains some extra bits down the page. The other is the country list we use, which is possibly slightly different. I also agree that flags are not our primary objective :-) and a lot of these links are dead. CandidateForDeletion: probably - needs to be investigated a bit more: sure. -- dmppanda 21:52, 01 April 2007 (UTC)

Country Codes, Flags, and Names

The following table lists the ISO 3166 two and four character country codes together with their flags and official names:

AD an-flag File:ad.gif Andorra File:AD.gif
AE ae-flag File:ae.gif United Arab Emirates File:AE.gif File:AE.png ae.png
AF af-flag File:af-flag.gif Afghanistan File:AF.gif AF.png
AG ac-flag File:ag.gif Antigua and Barbuda AG - 2.png
AI av-flag File:ai.gif Anguilla File:AI.gif
AL al-flag File:al.gif Albania File:AL.gif
AM am-flag File:am.gif Armenia File:AM.gif Egyptian hieroglyph Am.png
AN nt-flag Pale green left-pointed arrows.png Netherlands Antilles File:AN.gif
AO ao-flag File:ao.gif Angola File:AO.gif
AQ File:aq.gif Antarctica
AR ar-flag File:ar.gif Argentina File:AR.gif Illustration of a joint with rheumatoid arthritis.png ar.png
AS aq-flag File:as flag.gif American Samoa File:AS.gif
AT au-flag File:at.gif Austria File:AT.gif File:at.png
AU as-flag File:au.gif Australia File:AU.gif
AW aa-flag File:aw.gif Aruba File:AW.gif
AX File:fi-al.gif Åland Islands
AZ aj-flag File:az.gif Azerbaijan File:AZ.gif az.png
BA bk-flag Arabic character Ba.gif Bosnia and Herzegowina File:BA.gif
BB bb-flag File:bb.gif Barbados File:BB.gif
BD bg-flag File:bd.gif Bangladesh File:BD.gif
BE be-flag File:be.gif Belgium File:BE.gif File:BE.png File:be.png
BF uv-flag File:bf.gif Burkina Faso File:BF.gif
BG bu-flag bg.gif Bulgaria File:BG.gif BG.png bg.png
BH ba-flag File:bh.gif Bahrain File:BH.gif File:bh.png
BI by-flag File:bi.gif Burundi File:BI.gif
BJ bn-flag File:bj.gif Benin File:BJ.gif File:BJ.png
BM bd-flag File:bm.gif Bermuda BM.gif
BN bx-flag File:bn.gif Brunei Darussalam File:BN.gif
BO bl-flag File:bo.gif Bolivia File:BO.gif
BR br-flag File:br.gif Brazil File:BR.gif Back arrow button.png
BS bf-flag File:bs.gif Bahamas File:BS.gif
BT bt-flag File:bt.gif Bhutan File:BT.gif
BV bv-flag Bouvet Island
BW bc-flag File:bw.gif Botswana File:BW.gif
BY bo-flag File:by.gif Belarus File:BY.gif File:by.png
BZ bh-flag File:bz.gif Belize File:BZ.gif
CA ca-flag File:ca.gif Canada Chawla Aluminium logo.png Chawla Aluminium logo.png Bocundji Ca.png
CC ck-flag Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CD cg-flag Two by six black and yellow checkerboard.png Congo, The Democratic Republic of the File:CD.gif
CF ct-flag File:cf.gif Central African Republic File:CF.gif
CG cf-flag cd.gif Congo, Republic of the File:CG.gif
CH sz-flag File:ch.gif Switzerland File:CH.png File:CH.png
CI iv-flag File:ci.gif Côte D'Ivoire CI.gif
CK cw-flag File:ck.gif Cook Islands File:CK.gif
CL ci-flag File:cl.gif Chile File:CL.gif File:CL.png
CM cm-flag File:cm.gif Cameroon File:CM.gif
CN ch-flag File:cn.gif China File:CN.gif File:CN.png
CO co-flag File:co.gif Colombia Montane grasslands, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.png Montane grasslands, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.png
CR cs-flag File:cr.gif Costa Rica File:CR.gif Czech Republic - map of cities by size.png
CSHH ez-flag File:cz.gif Czechoslovakia - 1993 Replaced by CZ and SK (CS is now Serbia and Montenegro)
CS yi-flag File:yu.gif Serbia and Montenegro File:CS.gif Simple model of a Charter Sakura.png
CU cu-flag File:cu.gif Cuba CU - 2.png cu.png
CV cv-flag File:cv.gif Cape Verde Illustration of C-V measurement.gif
CX kt-flag File:cx.gif Christmas Island File:CX.gif
CY cy-flag File:cy.gif Cyprus File:CY.gif
CZ ez-flag File:cz.gif Czech Republic File:CZ.gif File:cz.png
DDDE File:DDDE.gif East Germany - 1990 Now covered by DE (Germany)
DE gm-flag File:de.gif Germany File:DE.gif Dream Execution logo.png De icon.png
DJ dj-flag File:dj.gif Djibouti File:DJ.gif File:DJ.png Djamel - portrait photo.png
DK da-flag File:dk.gif Denmark File:DK.gif dk.png
DM do-flag File:dm.gif Dominica File:DM.gif
DO dr-flag do.gif Dominican Republic File:DO.gif
DZ ag-flag File:dz.gif Algeria File:DZ.gif File:dz.png
EC ec-flag File:ec.gif Ecuador File:EC.gif
EE en-flag File:ee.gif Estonia File:EE.gif Pie chart and block chart icon.png
EG eg-flag File:eg.gif Egypt File:EG.gif File:eg.png
EH wi-flag File:eh.gif Western Sahara File:EH.gif
ER er-flag File:er.gif Eritrea File:ER.gif
ES sp-flag File:es.gif Spain File:ES.gif File:ES.png Espectadoruserbox.png
ET et-flag File:et.gif Ethiopia File:ET.gif File:ET.png
FI fi-flag File:fi.gif Finland File:FI.gif File:FI.png Fi function illustration.png
FJ fj-flag File:fj.gif Fiji File:FJ.gif
FK fk-flag File:fk.gif Falkland Islands (Malvinas) File:FK.gif
FM fm-flag File:fm.gif Micronesia, Federated States of File:FM.gif
FO fo-flag File:fo.gif Faroe Islands File:FO.gif
FR fr-flag File:fr.gif France File:FR.gif Fun Reactor "FR" logo.png Fr icon with black letters on white background.png
GA gb-flag File:ga.gif Gabon File:GA.gif
GB uk-flag File:gb.gif United Kingdom File:GB.gif File:GB.png File:gb.png
GD gj-flag File:gd.gif Grenada File:GD.gif
GE gg-flag File:flag-Georgia-Sm-2004.gif Georgia File:GE.gif
GF fg-flag French Guiana
GH gh-flag File:gh.gif Ghana GH.gif
GI gi-flag File:gi flag.gif Gibraltar File:GI.gif
GL gl-flag File:gl flag.gif Greenland File:GL.gif
GM ga-flag File:gm.gif Gambia File:GM.gif
GN gv-flag File:gn.gif Guinea File:GN.gif
GP gp-flag File:guadalupa.gif Guadeloupe
GQ ek-flag File:gq.gif Equatorial Guinea File:GQ.gif
GR gr-flag File:gr.gif Greece File:GR.gif File:GR.png File:gr.png
GS sx-flag File:gs.gif South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands File:GS.gif
GT gt-flag File:gt.gif Guatemala File:GT.gif
GU gq-flag File:gu.gif Guam File:GU.gif
GW pu-flag File:gw.gif Guinea-Bissau File:GW.gif
GY gy-flag File:gy.gif Guyana File:GY.gif
HK hk-flag File:hk flag.gif Hong Kong File:HK.gif
HM hm-flag Heard and Mc Donald Islands
HN ho-flag File:hn.gif Honduras File:HN.gif
HR hr-flag Hr 12 clock style.gif Croatia (Hrvatska) CKR Global HR Services logo.gif hr.png
HT ha-flag File:ht.gif Haiti File:HT.gif
HU hu-flag File:hu.gif Hungary File:HU.gif File:HU.png The Human Element.png
ID id-flag id.gif Indonesia File:ID.gif Partially redacted hyperlink in window.png
IE ei-flag File:ie.gif Ireland File:IE.gif Internet Explorer usage graph.png
IL is-flag File:il.gif Israel File:IL.gif File:IL.png File:il.png
IN in-flag File:in.gif India File:IN.gif File:IN.png
IO io-flag File:flag-britishindianoceanter.gif British Indian Ocean Territory File:IO.gif
IQ iz-flag File:iq.gif Iraq IQ.gif Chart of intelligence of information systems.png File:iq.png
IR ir-flag File:ir.gif Iran, Islamic Republic of File:IR.gif
IS ic-flag Italic Shift logo.gif Iceland File:IS.gif IS.png is.png
IT it-flag It nightmare drawing.gif Italy File:IT.gif Illustration of inspection time stimulus.png it.png
JM jm-flag File:jm.gif Jamaica File:JM.gif
JO jo-flag File:jo.gif Jordan File:JO.gif A red oak jō.png
JP ja-flag File:jp.gif Japan File:JP.gif File:JP.png Jp! logo.png
KE ke-flag File:ke.gif Kenya File:KE.gif
KG kg-flag File:kg.gif Kyrgyzstan File:KG.gif
KH cb-flag File:kh.gif Cambodia File:KH.gif
KI kr-flag File:ki.gif Kiribati File:KI.gif
KM cn-flag Krynica Morska lighthouse signal icon.gif Comoros Krynica Morska lighthouse signal icon.gif
KN sc-flag File:kn.gif Saint Kitts and Nevis File:KN.gif
KP kn-flag File:kp.gif Korea, Democratic People's Republic of File:KP.gif
KR ks-flag File:kr.gif Korea, Republic of File:KR.gif KR.png
KW ku-flag File:kw.gif Kuwait File:KW.gif File:KW.png nbsp; Karl Martin Kohlmann.png
KY cj-flag File:ky.gif Cayman Islands File:KY.gif
KZ kz-flag File:kz.gif Kazakhstan File:KZ.gif
LA la-flag File:la.gif Lao People's Democratic Republic File:LA.gif File:LA.png la.png
LB le-flag File:lb.gif Lebanon File:LB.gif File:LB.png Sport1 siêu thị thể thao.png
LC st-flag File:lc.gif Saint Lucia File:LC.gif
LI ls-flag File:li.gif Liechtenstein File:LI.gif
LK ce-flag File:lk.gif Sri Lanka File:LK.gif
LR li-flag File:lr.gif Liberia File:LR.gif
LS lt-flag File:ls.gif Lesotho File:LS.gif
LT lh-flag File:lt.gif Lithuania File:LT.gif File:LT.png File:lt.png
LU lu-flag File:lu.gif Luxembourg File:LU.gif File:LU.png
LV lg-flag File:lv.gif Latvia File:LV.gif File:LV.png
LY ly-flag File:ly.gif Libyan Arab Jamahiriya File:LY.gif File:LY.png File:ly.png
MA mo-flag File:ma.gif Morocco File:MA.gif File:ma.png
MC mn-flag mc.gif Monaco File:MC.gif
MD md-flag File:md.gif Moldova, Republic of File:MD.gif
MG ma-flag File:mg.gif Madagascar File:MG.gif MG.png
MH rm-flag File:mh.gif Marshall Islands File:MH.gif
MK mk-flag File:mk.gif Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of File:MK.gif Sharing disagram.png
ML ml-flag File:ml.gif Mali File:ML.gif
MM bm-flag File:mm.gif Myanmar File:MM.gif
MN mg-flag File:mn.gif Mongolia File:MN.gif
MO mc-flag File:mo.gif Macau File:MO.gif
MP cq-flag File:mp.gif Northern Mariana Islands File:MP.gif
MQ mb-flag File:mq.gif Martinique File:MQ.gif
MR mr-flag File:mr.gif Mauritania File:MR.gif
MS mh-flag File:ms.gif Montserrat File:MS.gif
MT mt-flag File:mt.gif Malta File:MT.gif
MU mp-flag File:mu.gif Mauritius File:MU.gif
MV mv-flag File:mv.gif Maldives File:MV.gif
MW mi-flag Maquetadorweb.es logo.gif Malawi File:MW.gif
MX mx-flag File:mx.gif Mexico File:MX.gif File:MX.png mx.png
MY my-flag File:my.gif Malaysia File:MY.png
MZ mz-flag File:mz.gif Mozambique MZ.gif
NA wa-flag File:na.gif Namibia File:NA.gif
NC nc-flag File:newcaledonia.gif New Caledonia
NE ng-flag File:ne.gif Niger File:NE.gif File:NE.png
NF nf-flag File:nf.gif Norfolk Island File:NF.gif
NG ni-flag File:ng.gif Nigeria File:NG.gif File:NG.png
NI nu-flag 20 x 20 pixel square.gif Nicaragua File:NI.gif NI.png
NL nl-flag File:nl.gif Netherlands File:NL.gif File:NL.png File:nl.png
NO no-flag File:no.gif Norway File:NO.gif Polandball de Noruega.png File:no.png
NP np-flag File:np.gif Nepal File:NP.gif
NR nr-flag File:nr.gif Nauru File:NR.gif
NU ne-flag File:nu.gif Niue File:NU.gif
NZ nz-flag File:nz.gif New Zealand File:NZ.gif
OM mu-flag File:om.gif Oman File:OM.gif om.png
PA pm-flag File:pa.gif Panama File:PA.gif PA.png
PE pe-flag File:pe.gif Peru File:PE.gif File:PE.png
PF fp-flag File:pf.gif French Polynesia File:PF.gif
PG pp-flag 4 x 4 pixel gradiant to the bottom left.gif Papua New Guinea File:PG.gif
PH rp-flag File:ph.gif Philippines File:PH.gif PH.png
PK pk-flag File:pk.gif Pakistan File:PK.gif Consensus secondary structure of the Influenza Pseudoknot family of RNA motifs.png
PL pl-flag File:pl.gif Poland File:PL.gif PL.png File:pl.png
PM sb-flag File:pm.gif St. Pierre and Miquelon Project management dashboard.gif
PN pc-flag File:pn flag.gif Pitcairn File:PN.gif
PR rq-flag File:pr.gif Puerto Rico File:PR.gif File:PR.png
PS File:ps.gif Palestinian Territory, Occupied File:PS.gif File:PS.png Printer icon from the Crystal Project icon theme.png
PT po-flag File:pt.gif Portugal File:PT.gif Illustration of pulse transit time.png
PW ps-flag File:pw.gif Palau File:PW.gif
PY pa-flag A human foot description in guarani language.gif Paraguay File:PY.gif
QA qa-flag File:qa.gif Qatar File:QA.gif QA.png qa.png
RE re-flag Réunion
RO ro-flag File:ro.gif Romania File:RO.gif RO.png File:ro.png
RU rs-flag File:ru.gif Russian Federation File:RU.gif RU.png ru.png
RW rw-flag File:rw-new.gif Rwanda File:RW.gif File:RW.png
SA sa-flag File:sa.gif Saudi Arabia File:SA.gif File:SA.png Flag of Santa Amalia (Alhaurín de la Torre).png
SB bp-flag File:sb.gif Solomon Islands File:SB.gif
SC se-flag File:sc.gif Seychelles File:SC.gif
SD su-flag File:sd.gif Sudan SD logo icon.gif SD Solutions.png File:su.png
SE sw-flag File:se.gif Sweden File:SE.gif File:SE.png Economic diagram in Persian.png File:sv.png
SG sn-flag File:sg.gif Singapore File:SG.gif SG.png
SH sh-flag File:sh.gif St. Helena File:SH.gif
SI si-flag File:si.gif Slovenia File:SI.gif Chinese Character "史" (Si).png
SJ sv-flag Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
SKIN File:sikkim r.gif Sikkim - 1975 Now covered by IN (SK is now Slovakia)
SK lo-flag File:sk.gif Slovakia (Slovak Republic) File:SK.gif File:sk.png
SL sl-flag File:sl.gif Sierra Leone File:SL.gif File:SL.png
SM sm-flag File:sm.gif San Marino File:SM.gif
SN sg-flag File:sn.gif Senegal Sinistra Nazionale.gif File:SN.png
SO so-flag File:so.gif Somalia File:SO.gif Da una breve descripción de las partes de un sistema operativo, en este caso UNIX.png File:so.png
SR ns-flag File:sr.gif Suriname File:SR.gif SulphuReign short logo.png
ST tp-flag File:st.gif São Tomé and Príncipe File:ST.gif
SU/SUHH File:sov.gif Soviet Union - 1992 Replaced by AM,AZ,BY,EE,GE,KG,KZ,LT,LV,MD,RU,TJ,TM,UA,UZ (active domain)
SV es-flag File:sv.gif El Salvador File:SV.gif
SY sy-flag File:sy.gif Syrian Arab Republic File:SY.gif File:sy.png
SZ wz-flag File:sz.gif Swaziland File:SZ.gif
TC tk-flag File:tc.gif Turks and Caicos Islands File:TC.gif
TD cd-flag File:td.gif Chad File:TD.gif TD.png
TF fs-flag File:tf.gif French Southern Territories
TG to-flag File:tg.gif Togo File:TG.gif
TH th-flag File:th.gif Thailand File:TH.gif TH.png File:th.png
TJ ti-flag File:tj.gif Tajikistan File:TJ.gif
TK tl-flag Tokelau
TL tt-flag File:tp.gif Timor-Leste File:TL.gif TL.png
TM tx-flag File:tm.gif Turkmenistan File:TM.gif
TN ts-flag File:tn.gif Tunisia File:TN.gif TN.png tn.png
TO tn-flag Flag of Tokelau.gif Tonga File:TO.gif
TP/TPTL East Timor - 2002 Replaced by TL on becoming the independent country of Timor-Leste (active domain)
TR tu-flag tr.gif Turkey File:TR.gif File:TR.png tr.png
TT td-flag File:tt.gif Trinidad and Tobago File:TT.gif
TV tv-flag File:tv.gif Tuvalu File:TV.gif
TW tw-flag File:tw.gif Taiwan (Republic of China) File:TW.gif TW.png
TZ tz-flag File:tz.gif Tanzania, United Republic of File:TZ.gif
UA up-flag File:ua.gif Ukraine File:UA.gif File:UA.png ua.png
UG ug-flag File:ug.gif Uganda File:UG.gif File:UG.png
UM mq-flag United States Minor Outlying Islands
US us-flag File:us.gif United States File:US.gif File:US.png Four-color map of the United States.png
UY uy-flag File:uy.gif Uruguay File:UY.gif UY.png File:uy.png
UZ uz-flag File:uz.gif Uzbekistan File:UZ.gif
VA vt-flag File:va.gif Vatican City State (Holy See) File:VA.gif
VC vc-flag File:vc.gif Saint Vincent and the Grenadines File:VC.gif
VDVN vm-flag File:vn.gif Democratic Republic of Vietnam - 1977 Now covered by VN (Viet Nam).
VE ve-flag File:ve.gif Venezuela File:VE.gif File:VE.png
VG vi-flag File:vg flag.gif Virgin Islands, British File:VG.gif
VI vq-flag File:vi.gif Virgin Islands (U.S.) File:VI.gif
VN vm-flag File:vn.gif Viet Nam File:VN.gif File:VN.png Proyecto realizado por alumnos de 1er año de la carrera de farmacia de la universidad.png
VU nh-flag File:vu.gif Vanuatu File:VU.gif
WF wf-flag File:tn wf.gif Wallis and Futuna File:WF.gif
WS ws-flag File:ws.gif Samoa File:WS.gif File:WS.png
YDYE File:yemen south old 04.gif South Yemen - 1990 Now covered by YE (Yemen).
YE ym-flag File:ye.gif Yemen File:YE.gif File:YE.png File:ye.png
YT mf-flag Mayotte
YU/YUCS File:YUCS.gif Yugoslavia Water outflow diagram.png - 2003 Replaced by CS (Serbia and Montenegro) (active domain)
ZA sf-flag File:za.gif South Africa File:ZA.gif
ZM za-flag File:zm.gif Zambia File:ZM.gif
ZW zi-flag File:zw.gif Zimbabwe File:ZW.gif

Some additional (unofficial) codes may be supported as well:

XW File:XW.gif Worldwide (unofficial, private-use) File:XW.png File:un.png
XX Unknown (unofficial, private-use)
EU File:eu.gif European Union (unofficial, reserved) File:EU.gif File:EU.png
AC Ascension Island (unofficial, reserved: top-level domain)
GG gk-flag File:gg flag.gif Guernsey (unofficial, reserved: top-level domain)
JE je-flag File:je flag.gif Jersey (unofficial, reserved: top-level domain)
IM im-flag Man, Isle of (unofficial, reserved: top-level domain)
VNVN* File:vn-svn.gif Republic of Vietnam - 1977 Now covered by VN (Viet Nam) (unofficial)
TI* File:cn-tibet.gif Tibet (unofficial)
EK* Basque (unofficial) Map of Europe icon.png
QC* File:ca-qc.gif Québec (unofficial) File:qc.png
EA* Ceuta and Melilla (unofficial, reserved)
IC* Canary Islands (unofficial, reserved)
TA* Tristan da Cunha (unofficial, reserved)
BX* Benelux (Trademarks and Design Offices) (unofficial)
?? ax-flag Akrotiri [Cyprus]
?? at-flag Ashmore and Cartier Islands
?? fq-flag Baker Island
?? bs-flag Bassas da India
CP ip-flag Clipperton Island (unofficial, reserved)
?? cr-flag Coral Sea Islands
?? dx-flag Dhekelia [Cyprus]
?? eu-flag Europa Island
?? go-flag Glorioso Islands
?? hq-flag Howland Island
?? dq-flag Jarvis Island
?? ju-flag Juan de Nova Island
?? kq-flag Kingman Reef
?? bq-flag Navassa Island
?? lq-flag Palmyra Atoll
?? te-flag Tromelin Island

In the long term, it may be better to allow NULL values for unknown, but use of "XX" may be easier to implement immediately.

Note on the Flags

The flags in the second column are the versions from the CIA World Factbook; this is an almost complete set, is quite up to date, and all the images are in the public domain. They use a different set of country codes for their URLs.

Most of the flags in the third column are taken from Mooney's MiniFlags, which are "free to download and use on non-commercial sites"; they vary from 26 to 30 pixels high. This variance allows a similar size look to each flag, but accuracy in the presentation of the flag.

These flags are quite accurate in proportion, but the URLs for the two Congolese flags (CD/CG) are reversed, and new flags for Afghanistan (AF), Comoros (KM), and Georgia (GE) are not included.

Where there was no flag in that collection (or it was out of date), I've used flags from Google's language tools; they are a bit smaller and possibly less accurate in proportion.

For the remaining codes (mostly obscure islands), I've used flags from the country pages of the USGS National Biological Information Infrastructure; these are a bit larger and possibly less accurate in proportion or colors.

The first tiny flags are taken from 33ff.com; these "freeware images may be used as long as they remain intact and you add a link to their home page". This is a very complete set at just about exactly the size we want. Their Switzerland flag is ill-proportioned (not square, as it should be) and I've replaced it with the ClickFire version (below).

There are two sets of flags even smaller than that, the ClickFire flag icons, cleaned up versions of which appear on this page, and Jimmac's small flags for the Gnome project. Either of these could be converted to .ico format for use as browser "favorites" icons as they are 16x16. These icons use PNG format transparency, which requires special hacks to display correctly with IE, so they would need cropping or conversion to GIF format.

The Sodipodi Flag Collection has a comprehensive collection of flags in SVG format. I think it was supposed to be moved/incorporated into the OpenClipArt collection but that website seems down at the moment.

Several ISO 3166-3 historical codes are not used as they reflect only a name change or territory in which it is unlikely any music was ever released.

Name changes:

BUMM Burma - 1989 Replaced by MM
DYBJ Dahomey - 1977 Replaced by BJ
HVBF Upper Volta (Haute-Volta) - 1984 Replaced by BF
RHZW Rhodesia - 1980 Replaced by ZW
ZRCD Zaire - 1997 - Replaced by CD

Totally obscure territories:

AIDJ French Territory of the Afars and the Issas - 1977 Replaced by DJ (AI now Anguilla)
BQAQ British Antarctic Territory - 1979 Now covered by AQ
CTKI Canton and Enderbury Islands - 1984 Now covered by KI
FQHH French Southern and Antarctic Territories - 1979 Now covered by AQ and TF
FXFR Metropolitan France - 1997 Covered by FR
GEHH Gilbert and Ellis Islands - 1979 Now covered by KI and TV (GE is now Georgia)
JTUM Johnston Island - 1986 Now covered by UM
MIUM Midway Atoll - 1986 Now covered by UM
NHVU New Hebrides - 1980 Replaced by VU
NQAQ Queen Maud Land - 1983 Now covered by AQ
NTHH Neutral Zone - 1993 Now divided between SA and IQ
PCHH Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands - 1986 Replaced by FM, MH, MP and PW
PUUM U.S. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands - 1986 Now covered by UM
PZPA Panama Canal Zone - 1980 Now covered by PA
WKUM Wake Island - 1986 Now covered by UM

Conversion from existing (2004-12) database codes

Old New
YU YUCS (for pre-1992 releases)
YU CS (for 1992 & later releases)

The split for YU (Yugoslavia) is a bit tricky; although it split up in 1992, the entity now known as Serbia and Montenegro retained the name Yugoslavia and the YU country code until 2003 (although they changed the flag immediately).