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Cover art, also known as "album art" or "album artwork", is artwork that provides a visual representation of a release. Normally it refers to the front of the release packaging.

In MusicBrainz website display

As cover art has legal licensing and copyright issues associated, MusicBrainz can display cover art only from the Cover Art Archive, approved cover art sites, linked to by a Has Cover Art At Relationship Type or the Amazon Relationship Type.

In media files

Media players that support cover art display do so in several ways, often supporting more than one mechanism. Images can be:

  • stored within the media player's own internal library/database
  • stored as a separate file in the same folder/directory as the release, using a naming convention (e.g. folder.jpg)
  • embedded within each track's metadata info (e.g. ID3).

Picard supports the 2nd and 3rd option when used with the cover art plugin, listed on Picard Plugins.