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* Store lots of cover art! :P
* Store lots of cover art! :P
** Store lots of packaging scans, more like! [[User:Ianmcorvidae|Ianmcorvidae]] 20:39, 10 May 2011 (UTC)
== How should we do it? ==
== How should we do it? ==

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Background information: http://chatlogs.musicbrainz.org/musicbrainz-devel/2011/2011-05/2011-05-10.html#T19-08-22-201182

What do we want?

  • Rob wants something easy to fetch, like coverart.archive.org/<mb release id>.jpg, coverart.archive.org/<mb release id>-1.jpg, coverart.archive.org/<mb release id>-2.jpg so you can go through the pages of cover art.
  • Other people might want something where they can specify which cover they want, like coverart.archive.org/<mb release id>/front.jpg
    • I'm not set on the scheme, but I want something that an idiot can fetch its so simple. The service should either say: 404 or give you an image. Nothing else. --RobertKaye 20:03, 10 May 2011 (UTC)
    • We also need to worry about multiple formats -- not everything is jpgs! I for one probably won't put up anything but .png, given a choice! How about Rob's initial suggestion for the actual image URLS (c.a.o/<mbid>.<ext>, c.a.o/<mbid>-1.<ext>, etc.) with redirects from: c.a.o/<mbid> -> c.a.o/<mbid>.<ext>, c.a.o/<mbid>/1 -> c.a.o/<mbid>-1.<ext> and c.a.o/<mbid>/<type> -> c.a.o/<mbid>-<relevant number>.<ext>? This means things can be looked up sequentially, without knowing extensions beforehand (Rob's needs), or by type ("Other people"s desire). Ianmcorvidae 20:38, 10 May 2011 (UTC)

What should we do?

  • Store lots of cover art! :P
    • Store lots of packaging scans, more like! Ianmcorvidae 20:39, 10 May 2011 (UTC)

How should we do it?

  • With relationships? "has {type} cover art at ...archive.org..." where {type} can be front, back, tray, obi, booklet, ..., other, then upload the image to archive.org with the right URL?

How do we deal with copyright violation notices?

  • Send them to the archive.org guy?
    • No, we must manage all aspects of this archive. We will likely need to send complainst to copyright@mb and have more people on that email alias. --RobertKaye 20:02, 10 May 2011 (UTC)