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|  Querflöte
|  Querflöte
|  transverse flute
|  transverse flute, typically the concert flute
|  Blockflöte
|  Blockflöte

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List of common German words used to express the credits information in releases.

German MusicBrainz relationship
Komponist: artist was composed by artist (Composer Relationship Type)
komponiert von artist
Musik: artist
Liedtext: artist artist wrote the lyrics for (Lyricist Relationship Type)
Text: artist

German MusicBrainz relationship
produziert von artist artist produced (Producer Relationship Type)
Produktion: artist
Produzent: artist
aufgenommen von artist artist recorded (Recording Engineer Relationship Type)
Aufnahme: artist
Toningenieur: artist artist sound engineered / audio engineered (Engineer Relationship Type)

(It can mean either and the Toningenieur often does both it seems.)

Tontechniker: artist

German MusicBrainz instrument
Flöte flute

(It can actually mean any flute, including recorders, not just transverse ones.)

Querflöte transverse flute, typically the concert flute
Blockflöte recorder
Trompete trumpet
Orgel organ
Geige violin
Bratsche viola
Gitarre guitar
Akustikgitarre acoustic guitar
akustische Gitarre
E-Gitarre electric guitar
elektrische Gitarre
zwölfseitige Gitarre 12 string guitar
Bass bass (guitar)
E-Bass electric bass guitar
elektrischer Bass
Harfe harp
Klavier piano
Flügel grand piano
Trommel(n) drum(s)
Schlagzeug drumset
Tamburin tambourine
Glocke(n) bell(s)