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List of common German words used to express the credits information in releases.

German MusicBrainz relationship
Komponist: artist was composed by artist (Composer Relationship Type)
komponiert von artist
Musik: artist
Liedtext: artist artist wrote the lyrics for (Lyricist Relationship Type)
Text: artist

German MusicBrainz relationship
produziert von artist artist produced (Producer Relationship Type)
Produktion: artist
Produzent: artist
aufgenommen von artist artist recorded (Recording Engineer Relationship Type)
Aufnahme: artist
Toningenieur: artist artist sound engineered / audio engineered (Engineer Relationship Type)

(it can mean either and the Toningenieur often does both it seems)

Tontechniker: artist

German MusicBrainz instrument
Schlagzeug drumset
Gitarre guitar
Akustikgitarre acoustic guitar
akustische Gitarre
E-Gitarre electric guitar
elektrische Gitarre
Zwölfseitige Gitarre 12 string guitar
Bass bass (guitar)
E-Bass electric bass guitar
elektrischer Bass