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List of common Italian words used to express the concepts described in Composition Relationship Class.

Italian MusicBrainz AR
compositore: artist was composed by artist (Composer Relationship Type)
composto da artist
musiche di artist
musica: artist
arrangiatore: artist was arranged by artist (Arranger Relationship Type)
arrangiato da artist
paroliere: artist artist wrote the lyrics for (Lyricist Relationship Type)
testi di artist
testo: artist
librettista: artist artist wrote the libretto for (Librettist Relationship Type)
libretto di artist
Italian MusicBrainz AR
prodotto da artist artist produced
produzione: artist
produzione artistica: artist artist ??
produzione esecutiva: artist artist produced + executive
assistente alla produzione esecutiva: artist artist produced + executive + additional
masterizzato da artist artist mastered
masterizzazione: artist
mixato da artist artist mixed
registrato da artist artist recorded
registrazioni: artist
registrazioni riversate da artist artist ??
riversamento: artist
supervisione artistica: artist artist provided creative direction on
Non-musical production
Italian MusicBrainz AR
supervisione grafica: artist artist provided art direction on
progetto grafico: artist artist provided graphic design on
design grafico: artist
disegno copertina: artist artist provided design/illustration on
foto: artist artist provided photography on
fotografie: artist