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Vietnamese (tiếng Việt) CreditTranslations

  • Works writing
    • sáng tác and tác giả
      are words — such as author, writer, etc. — which in Việt Nam imply both composition and lyrics.
      There are few exceptions, where they only mean composition; but then the lyrics are additionally specified.
    • Compose : nhạc
    • Lyrics : lời, lời Việt (for translated lyrics, foreign covers unfortunately seldom credit original composer), thơ (for poetic lyrics)
    • Arrange : hòa âm
      • Orchestration : phối khí (sometimes used for arrange, it's in between arrange and orchestration, depending on the context)
  • Production
    • Produce : biên tập, biên tập viên, biên tập âm nhạc
      • Executive produce : giám đốc sản xuất