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The [[Database| MusicBrainz Database]] is an SQL database that contains all the information about [[Artist|artists]], [[Release Group|release groups]], [[Release|releases]], [[Recording|recordings]], [[Advanced Relationships|advanced relationships]] (and [[MusicBrainz Database|everything else]] between them, but also the MusicBrainz users ([[Editor|editors]]) and the changes they entered into the database ([[Edit Type|edits]]). MusicBrainz currently uses PostgreSQL as its underlying database software.
The database can be [[Database Download|downloaded]] standalone from the MusicBrainz website. To setup your own fresh copy of the database, and import the data, see the relevant section of the [http://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-server/blob/master/INSTALL INSTALL guide].
== Replication ==
If you are interested in keeping the data in sync with MusicBrainz using our [[Live Data Feed|live data feed]], you may consider
* setting up a virtual machine using the official [[Server Setup]] guide (uses PostgreSQL)
* an alternative PostgreSQL setup using a [http://github.com/lalinsky/mbslave Python-based tool called mbslave] (including replication, but not the rest of the MusicBrainz Server)
* setting up a mirror using MySQL with [[MusicBrainz MySQL]]
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