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This page describes how to use the MusicBrainz Git repository.


The latest stable and development versions of MusicBrainz Server are hosted on Git, at You can browse the code through the web interface, and also clone each of these repositories for read only access. All releases we make are tagged on the master tree, and you can clone these to run stable released versions of MusicBrainz.

Checking out source code

To check out source code from our repository use this command:

git clone git:// mb_server

This will clone the latest master branch -- see the README for more information.

To stay up to date with late changes, just use git pull like so:

git pull


Confused? Send an email to if you need more help, or drop by the IRC channel. Additionally, check out the Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.

Development with Git

If you want to help contribute to MusicBrainz - it's really simple! All you need to do is branch off master and commit there:

git clone git:// mb_server
cd mb_server
git checkout -b my-cool-feature master

When you are ready to share your work with us you have a few options - if you wish to submit a patches, you should use git format-patch. These can then be emailed to the developers mailing list. If you're doing work on more than one branch, or you'd like to have more control we are happy to give you a branch or repository on to push work to. For more information on this, please ask the list and someone will give you more details.

Git Resources

If you're new to Git, don't worry - there is plenty of excellent documentation about how to use it: