Development/Season of Docs/2019/BookBrainz

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  • BookBrainz has basically NO docs! It does not even have a wikipage in this very wiki!
  • BookBrainz will need docs explaining the way to edit and guidelines, it will need docs that document what each type of entity is and how we plan on altering things in the future
  • additionally a history document documenting the history of the idea, development and model of BookBrainz will be helpful.
  • Updates to the presentation of LB and AB (the front page of both is really dense text that isn't welcoming to new users) - not sure if this is "docs" or "design"?
  • AcousticBrainz - what is the process of signal processing -> feature extraction -> datasets + model generation -> highlevel features
  • How does ListenBrainz store and process your data, who else can see it, and what can they use it for