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=== Finish implementation of SOLR Search ===
=== Finish implementation of SOLR Search ===
If this doesn't get done before next spring.
Proposed mentor: ''ianmcorvidae''<br>
Proposed student: ''mineo''
== About proposals ==
== About proposals ==

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This year Robert Kaye, Ian McEwen and Michael Wiencek will probably be amongst our mentors. That's ruaok (Robert), ianmcorvidae (Ian) and bitmap (Michael) on IRC, if you want to come and speak to us first. Some potential mentors are listed by each project; this is far from a normative list, but it might give you somebody to ask about the project.


This is our set of starting ideas for 2015. Add more ideas if you have them!

Add in site messaging in MusicBrainz

See: MBS-1801

Proper implementation of AreaBot

Proposed mentor: nikki

Re-write area bot to be robust and stable

Finish implementation of SOLR Search

Proposed mentor: ianmcorvidae
Proposed student: mineo

About proposals

Before you dive in and send a proposal to us through Google, it's a good idea to take some time and learn about the MusicBrainz community. At MusicBrainz we pride ourselves for having a strong community - most of us know each other in some way, and some of us know each other face to face from development summits.

A good way to get a feel of this would be to lurk around in IRC, or to talk about your proposals on the mailing lists.

If you're not sure where to start, this flowchart might help.