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This page will discuss the current list of suggested ideas for students to develop proposals for for Google's Summer of Code. If you're a student, feel free to base your proposal on one of these ideas, or pick and entirely new idea that you think might be useful to us.

Getting Started

(see also: Getting started with GSoC)

The first thing to do to get started with BookBrainz is to clone the bookbrainz-site GitHub repository, and follow the file to get the site up and running.

Come and speak to us in the MetaBrainz IRC (freenode/#metabrainz) if you finish all of that, or get stuck at any point!



Proposed Mentors: Monkey
Languages/skills: Node.js, PostgreSQL, Docker Forum for discussion

BookBrainz currently does not have a way to programmatically query the database.

For this project, you will design a JSON web API, and implement it in NodeJS.

The design would clearly describe the result of each different query to the web API, and give examples of output. We do not want to impose a specific framework, but the url structure will aim to be harmonized with other MetaBrainz projects.

You will also write the accompanying tests, as well as a documentation that will be available for users.

You will also learn to prepare the Docker image we will use to run the API in production, and how to integrate it to MetaBrainz’s hosting architecture.