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Dormant work is [[Current Work|current work]] in the [[MusicBrainz Development|MusicBrainzDevelopment]] that has come to a halt for different reasons. It is not finished so that it could be classified as [[Finished Work|FinishedWork]].
==Debian Server Package==
:[[Tim Olsen|TimOlsen]] and [[User:MatthewExon|MatthewExon]] are creating a [[Debian Server Package|DebianServerPackage]] that will automate the installation of a [[MusicBrainz]] server.
:[[User:MatthiasFriedrich|MatthiasFriedrich]] and [[User:Keschte|Keschte]] have picked up the [[Artist Page Redesign|ArtistPageRedesign]] again.
:*[[Image:Attention.png]] A year later, this will be be re-activated once more. Let's hope it gets done this time... ;) --[[User:Keschte|Keschte]]
:[[Survival Of The Fittest|SurvivalOfTheFittest]]: Some of the small [[Steps Towards Survival Of The Fittest|StepsTowardsSurvivalOfTheFittest]] were worked on. But this might change and could be incorporated into the proposal for [[Quality And Quantity|QualityAndQuantity]]. Some aspects of this work will be carried out in [[Data Quality|DataQuality]].
==Miscellaneous improvements to editing, voting and communication==
:We have agreed on some [[Moderation Improvements|ModerationImprovements]]. Parts of this have already been implemented, other parts will never be used. This is more of a permanent work than a current project.
:Only one of these (Changes/improvements to [[Communication Between Editors|CommunicationBetweenEditors]]) was implemented. The rest are [[Small New Features|SmallNewFeatures]], and I think all of them are accepted as good ideas, but since nobody is working on them, I would move this to [[Future Work|FutureWork]] and/or just dump the contents into [[Future Work|FutureWork]]. [[User:Dupuy|@alex]]
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