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Edit Track Name (title)

This edit changes the title of a track.

How to do it

  • You can also get to that page as part of a conversion to a VariousArtists album; if you check the "Move tracks to new artists" box on the page to which the Convert to multiple artists link takes you, you will be taken to the Change pages for each track on the album in turn.




  • When voting on an edit that adds or removes performance information (feat. Artist) from a track, check for a corresponding ChangeTrackArtist edit to make sure that this information is not lost or duplicated.


If the only change to the title was case and/or accents. the change will be instantly applied (no voting required; this is an AutoModeration).


An EditTrackName will fail due to a FailedPrerequisite if another EditTrackName changes the name.


An EditTrackName will fail due to a FailedDependency if the album containing the track is deleted by RemoveAlbum or RemoveAlbums or merged into another album by MergeAlbums. It will also fail due to a FailedDependency if the track is deleted by RemoveTrack.

Symbolic name and id


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