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#REDIRECT [[How to Use the Release Editor]]
=Edit Track Number (sequence)=
This edit changes the sequence number of a track in a release [[Image:notes.gif]].
===How to do it===
* The [http://www.musicbrainz.org/edittrack.html?track=397331&album=55225 Edit] link to the right of a track title on a [http://www.musicbrainz.org/album/0481dc5a-bab1-4e0f-8d89-9b755711b170.html release page] (or other pages where release details are displayed) takes you to a page where you can edit the track's title ([[Edit Track Name Edit|EditTrackNameEdit]]) or number (EditTrackNumberEdit).
* The [http://www.musicbrainz.org/mod/edit-album/index.html?album=55225 Edit all] link below the release's name on a [http://www.musicbrainz.org/album/0481dc5a-bab1-4e0f-8d89-9b755711b170.html release page] (or other pages where release details are displayed) takes you to a page where you can edit the release's title ([[Edit Release Name Edit|EditReleaseNameEdit]]) and/or attributes ([[Edit Release Attributes Edit|EditReleaseAttributesEdit]]), as well as the title ([[Edit Track Name Edit|EditTrackNameEdit]]) and number (EditTrackNumberEdit) of any or all tracks on the release.
* [[Re Import Release Instead|ReImportReleaseInstead]]:
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">Rather than making wholesale changes to the track order on a release to match the version you have, consider the possibility that there are different versions of the release with different track orders. If you can find an entry in [[FreeDB]] with the order you want, it is easier to simply import that [[FreeDB]] release than to change the track numbers on an existing release (and the new release is available immediately, without waiting for votes).
* [[Check Track Times|CheckTrackTimes]]:
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">When changing the track order, the times for the tracks will move as well. If the track times don't match the titles, changing the track order is the wrong solution, and you should either use [[Edit Track Name Edit|EditTrackNameEdit]] (''only'' if there are no [[PUID]]s or they are incorrectly tagged) or re-import the release as suggested above.
* Manually added tracks (those with track times of <code><nowiki> ?:?? </nowiki></code>) are more likely to have been added in the wrong order or with the wrong track number, so the standard of proof for changing these is lower than for tracks imported from [[FreeDB]] (with actual track times).
* When voting on track number changes, look for links to a discography entry with the proposed order.
* Vote not just on one, but on ''all'' track number changes for a release; this helps prevent [[Duplicate Track Numbers|DuplicateTrackNumbers]] (listed in [http://www.musicbrainz.org/reports/generated/DuplicateTrackNumbers/index.html this] [[Suggestion Report|SuggestionReport]]).
* If the moderator making the track number changes is the one who added the release originally (use View release mods link to see this), it's more likely that they actually have the release and/or know what they're doing and aren't just messing up a correct release that somebody else has.
'''Q:''' Are [[PUID]]s associated with the track title or track number on a release? How are PUIDs automatically moved if the track listing of a release changes? For example, if I rename a track on a release, I assume the PUID stays associated with it. But if I want to change the ''order'' of the tracks on an release, do the PUIDs move?
'''A:''' PUIDs are associated with a track (using the track id) so when the title of the track or the number of the track changes, the association stays. Therefore if you use the EditTrackNumberEdit [[PUID]]s are moved with the track.
[[Non-Album Track|NonAlbumTrack]]s do not have numbers, so their Edit pages do not have an option for changing the track number.
Releases with valid [[Disc ID|DiscID]]s cannot have their tracks renumbered; this is because the tracks in the [[Disc ID|DiscID]] cannot be changed. If you determine that the [[TOC]] of the [[Disc ID|DiscID]] does ''not'' match the release as listed, you should [http:#reimport re-import or add] the release and move the [[Disc ID|DiscID]] to the new release using a [[Move Disc ID Edit|MoveDiscIDEdit]]. After doing that, it might be reasonable to renumber the tracks and then enter a [[Merge Releases Edit|MergeReleasesEdit]].
An EditTrackNumberEdit will fail due to a [[Failed Prerequisite|FailedPrerequisite]] if another EditTrackNumberEdit changes the track number.
An EditTrackNumberEdit will fail due to a [[Failed Dependency|FailedDependency]] if the release containing the track is deleted by [[Remove Release Edit|RemoveReleaseEdit]] or [[Remove Releases Edit|RemoveReleasesEdit]] or merged into another release by a [[Merge Releases Edit|MergeReleasesEdit]]. It will also fail due to a [[Failed Dependency|FailedDependency]] if the track is deleted by a [[Remove Track Edit|RemoveTrackEdit]].
===Symbolic name and id===
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