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#REDIRECT [[Style/Artist_Credits#Featured_artists]]
A featuring artist is an [[Artist]] whose name is appended to a [[Track Title|TrackTitle]] or [[Release Title|ReleaseTitle]].
==Additional information==
Featuring artists have to follow [[Featuring Artist Style|FeaturingArtistStyle]], including the ordering of [[Track Title|TrackTitle]] both of which you should read attentively. 
Usually, you want to use a featuring artist in one of these cases:
* the release sleeve clearly uses a "feat" to credit an artist either in the [[Release Title|ReleaseTitle]] or on a [[Track Title|TrackTitle]]
* two or more [[Artist]]s are ''collaborating'' on a [[Release]] or a [[Track]], one of them clearly being the [[Primary Artist|PrimaryArtist]] (note that this ''doesn't'' apply to [[Secondary Artist|SecondaryArtist]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s like sidemen, studio musicians, group members, etc)
Also note that the [[Classical Style Guide|ClassicalStyleGuide]] defines some specific use of "feat" to credit performers.
Ordering of [[Extra Title Information|ExtraTitleInformation]] which includes [[Featuring Artist Style|FeaturingArtistStyle]], [[Part Number|PartNumber]], [[Track Version|TrackVersion]] can be found under [[Track Title|TrackTitle]]. 
* A release example: [[Release:e0a46fd7-faa9-43bb-a65e-f978f2bade36|Life Is Just a Game (feat. Carisma)]] has FeaturingArtist [[Artist:2bd246a8-a7ba-4f73-b305-84aa843c0e79|Carisma]]
* A track example: [[Track:2ccd9a5b-7e80-4ebd-92f9-53f23fc59ce2|A Joy (feat. Percee P) (Koushik's Quick mix)]] has FeaturingArtist [[Artist:be9303c8-d2e1-4e80-9c12-0ba31436c2c7|Percee P]]
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