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Finished MusicBrainz Development Work

These parts of MusicBrainzDevelopment are now finished. See also the roadmap for FutureWork and the open tickets in the BugTracker for CurrentWork. See DormantWork for stuff that has been postponed.

Please do not add any new items to this page.

Recently Finished

See the timeline of the MusicBrainz BugTracker for recently finished work.


Subscribe to Editors

  • 2007-09:
  • SubscribeToEditor -- choose a user and be subscribed to her/his edits the same way as one can be subscribed to an artist right now. Finally done by murdos.


AdvancedRelationships (finally!)

  • 2005-01:

Some Simple Improvements

  • This weekend I've been hacking on a few simple improvements:
    • * A way for automods to temporarily drop their privileges, thus allowing them to enter a change which will go to the vote
    • * A new preference, "When I vote on a moderation, mail me all future notes for that moderation" (I still need to test this one)
    • * Feature Request #1038665: Display the number of subscribers for each artist. Also, a new preference: "Allow other users to see my subscribed artists", and new pages to see artists to which a user is subscribed, and users who subscribe to a given artist.


Memcached, Persistent MusicBrainzIdentifier``s and InterNationalization

  • 2004-12:
  • DaveEvans is working on making much better use of memcached, including the use of pgmemcache. I'm also working on making Persistent MusicBrainzIdentifiers (so that if, say, two artists are merged, then the ID of the old artist still finds the new artist). Plus, rudimentary support for specifying the language of each release has started.

"Add Disc ID" Edit

  • 2004-11:

Artist Annotations and Release Annotations

  • 2004-11:

Official Style Guide and Documentation in the Wiki

  • 2004-10:
  • 2004-11:

International Capitalization

  • 2004-06:

Replication Mechanics for Mirrors

  • 2004-05:

Amazon Matching

  • 2004-04:

New Tagger Icons

  • 0224-01:

2003 and Older

  • Confirmation of email addresses went live in June 2003.
  • Notes about the process of upgrading the server from Perl 5.6 to 5.8 (in 2003?)
  • Rob and Dave fleshing out the structure of the site just prior to launch (in 2001?) -- see SiteMenuArrangement for a more recent proposal (May 2004, updated Sept. 2004).
  • Rather outdated (or historical) list of suggestions. I am not even sure how much of this has been implemented.
  • Archived discussions (implemented, dismissed, or outdated). This page dates frome before we did RestructureTheWiki and is really really old.