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genpuid is a MusicIP proprietary closed-source command-line utility for performing music analysis and audio fingerprinting of music files as an alternative to using the MusicIP Mixer application. If Picard cannot find a PUID for a file, it may need to be run through the mixer or genpuid applications to be analyzed first.

To get genpuid you must sign up here. On the MusicDNS page you'll find the link to obtain a free license for non-commercial use on the right. After your key has been generated, you'll find download links to the genpuid application for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X here.


Parsing files with unicode names

When your filenames contain special characters.

  • genpuid my-key *

Will produce errors and won't be able to scan those files because it replaces special charatcers by question marks. Instead, you can type the following command to achieve the same result :

  • genpuid my-key -r .