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: Finish https://github.com/metabrainz/coverart_redirect/pull/14
: Finish https://github.com/metabrainz/coverart_redirect/pull/14
: *Very* small! #Python
: *Very* small! #Python
== BookBrainz ==
* '''[[jira:BB-52]]''' - Add text to all buttons
* '''[[jira:BB-101]]''' - Alias adding should have a button for sortname copy
* '''[[jira:BB-87]]''' - Support for deprecated relationships

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Various small-ish thing that may be good for Google Code-in.

MusicBrainz Server

Will probably need User:Bitmap or someone to help the student find out where the fix is supposed to be at. #Perl


  • jira:CB-192 - Add link to CoverArtArchive on /artist and /release-group pages
  • jira:CB-188 - Translation of "CritiqueBrainz is a repository for..." missing
  • jira:CB-186 - Showing placeholder cover art image for events
  • jira:CB-184 - No good way to tell which entity type review is associated with
  • jira:CB-179 - Hidden reviews shouldn't be included in public data dumps
  • jira:CB-172 - "Notice! Please sign in to access this page" looks weird
  • jira:CB-171 - Mapping page fails to load if Spotify doesn't return info about an album
  • jira:CB-163 - Add info about compiling styling into installation instructions
  • jira:CB-160 - Add a note that will warn users that drafts are not private
  • jira:CB-154 - Document data dump importing process
  • jira:CB-146 - Add embedded player into review editor
  • jira:CB-134 - Show more information about Spotify albums on search page for matching
  • jira:CB-128 - Web API documentation should have usage examples
  • jira:CB-123 - Display review language
  • jira:CB-117 - Use "identicon" Gravatar instead of "mystery-man" for users without email address
  • jira:CB-114 - Make review classes less confusing
  • jira:CB-111 - Make language selector more visible


  • jira:LB-85 - Username in the profile URL should be case insensitive
  • jira:LB-35 - Write API documentation

Cover Art Archive

Finish https://github.com/metabrainz/coverart_redirect/pull/14
*Very* small! #Python