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Various small-ish thing that may be good for Google Code-in. Please feel free to add stuff to this page. Take a look at the three links below for inspiration about what kind of things are eligible for being GCI tasks.

Note: Please mark in parentheses which of the categories the task belongs to (multiple can be assigned): coding (CODE); documentation/training (D/T); quality assurance (QA); user interface (UI); or outreach/research (O/R)


QA tasks in all projects (QA; pos. O/R)
"As a new user, try to do X and let us know what you found confusing or too complicated".
Give a presentation to your class about {Meta,Music,Book,Listen,Acoustic,Critique}Brainz (O/R)
Either about the collection of projects, or about a specific project.
Make an infographic explaining how the various *Brainz are connected/related (O/R)
Organise an edit sprint (O/R)
Make a poster for use when organising possible edit sprints (O/R)
Update (outdated) wikipages


Wiki / Docs (D/T)

  • jira:MBS-6516 MusicBrainz Programming Guide
  • jira:MBS-5307 Web Service (ws/2) Documentation
  • jira:MBS-8659 Wikidocs - incorporate wiki categories (D/T; CODE)
  • How tos…
    • create reports
    • create a ticket in the bug tracker
Create a glossary template (wikipedia has some good ones)
Make a (screencast) video explaining how to do X (D/T; O/R)
X = add release, add artist, add work, edit release, ...
Create a user with as complete information as possible, report any oddities (QA; O/R?; UI?; beginner)
Fill out at least location, languages, and bio. Preferably also the other information.
Oddities could include: bad translations, errors, something is non-intuitive, ...
Sidebar icon updating


Update AcousticBrainz icon for acousticbrainz-gui (UI)

MusicBrainz Picard

Make a screencast/video explaining how to do X (D/T; O/R)
X = add release, use plugins, ...
jira:PICARD-24 (UI; pos. CODE)
Red/Green indication icons difficult to read for colour blind users


Add and publish review for your favourite album and note any issues (D/T; O/R; QA?)
Non-unique task. Split up in multiple tasks?
  • jira:CB-226 - Create and integrate robots.txt file (CODE)
  • jira:CB-223 - Fix language selector (CODE)
  • jira:CB-219 - Better Markdown support (CODE)
  • jira:CB-211 - Make button on Spotify mapping page look more like an actual button (UI)
  • jira:CB-174 - Make navigation bar more localization-friendly (UI)
  • jira:CB-166 - Improve error messages in the API (CODE)
  • jira:CB-147 - SoundCloud integration (CODE; UI)
  • jira:CB-128 - Web API documentation needs examples (D/T)
  • jira:CB-125 - Bandcamp integration (CODE; UI)
  • jira:CB-117 - Use "identicon" gravatars (CODE; UI)
  • jira:CB-95 - WYSIWYG editor for Markdown (CODE)
  • jira:CB-88 - Write guidelines/suggestions for good reviews (D/T)
  • jira:CB-93 - Show bonus tracks in track list (CODE)
  • jira:CB-62 - Allow users to import their email from MusicBrainz account (CODE; UI)
  • jira:CB-55 - Separate most used languages in selector (CODE; UI)
  • jira:CB-223 - Fix language selector (CODE)
  • jira:CB-222 - Create a public list of moderators (CODE; UI)
  • jira:CB-224 - Fix entity type indicator display in different languages (CODE; UI)


Import your Last.FM scrobble history and note any issues and glitches (O/R; QA?)
  • jira:LB-85 - Username in the profile URL should be case insensitive (CODE; QA)
  • jira:LB-35 - Write API documentation (D/T)
  • jira:LB-102 - Improve the SELECT database query (CODE)
  • Use audacious and scrobble the currently playing song and note any issues/glitches and report them if needed. (CODE; QA)
  • Add function docstrings explaining the function usage (QA?).
  • Create a video on how to setup ListenBrainz and use it to scrobble listens.
  • Create a list of audio players that can be used(can be tweaked) to scrobble listens to listenbrainz (Just like audacious). (O/R)

Cover Art Archive

(Just the sound of crickets…)


  • Document 5 undocumented functions (D/T)
  • Write documentation for three different schema tables (D/T)
  • Convert a Jade template to a React page (CODE)
  • Design a consistent style for achievement badges/design badges (UI)
  • User script for scraping an Amazon page (CODE)
  • Investigate large libraries with public data APIs and write a short document outlining the options with pros/cons (O/R)
  • Write some React code for a placeholder comment section on the revision page (CODE + UI)
  • Document 3 web API endpoints over at apiary (D/T)
  • Translate the static BookBrainz pages into your native language, if not English (O/R)
  • Add UI to edit begin/end areas for creators, area for publishers and country for editors (all area-based) (UI + CODE)
  • Use the new editing interface to add detailed information about 10 creators (authors) and write up some feedback (Q/A)

3rd party projects

beets (CODE)
Make AcousticBrainz plugin perform AB extraction and submission (like abzsubmit). (CODE)
Add a new ListenBrainz plugin to fetch play data. (CODE)
Fetch a large batch of new MusicBrainz data by refactoring the way beets stores source data to make it more flexible. (CODE)
Tolerate MusicBrainz recording ID changes when updating metadata. (CODE)
Ignore video and silence tracks identified by MusicBrainz when searching for missing tracks. (CODE)
Use MusicBrainz "pseudo-releases" to get transliterated metadata. (CODE)
Use MusicBrainz OAuth instead of storing username and password in the config file. (CODE)
Fetch and store the musicbrainz_releasetrackid in beets. (CODE)
Allow beets to open a seeded "add release" page on MusicBrainz for unknown releases.

Document the workflow for submitting your carefully-crafted beets metadata to MusicBrainz. (D/T)

Write a post for the beets blog about how to "give back" by finding music in your beets library that MusicBrainz doesn't have yet and submitting new releases. (And the same for submitting cover art that you have but the Cover Art Archive doesn't.) (O/R)

Try importing your entire music library using beets and keep a log of what it got right, what it got wrong, and what was missing from MusicBrainz altogether. (QA)