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=== beets ===
=== beets ===
=== whipper ===
=== whipper ===
; https://github.com/JoeLametta/whipper/issues/200 (CODE)
: Include more MusicBrainz IDs in ripped files.

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Various small-ish thing that may be good for Google Code-in. Please feel free to add stuff to this page. Take a look at the three links below for inspiration about what kind of things are eligible for being GCI tasks.

Note: Please mark in parentheses which of the categories the task belongs to (multiple can be assigned): coding (CODE); documentation/training (D/T); quality assurance (QA); user interface (UI); or outreach/research (O/R)



Wiki / Docs (D/T)


MusicBrainz Picard


  • Write a review of your favorite album on CritiqueBrainz. Also, write a review of a place and an event.
  • jira:CB-95: Add WYSIWYG support for the review editor (for Markdown).
  • jira:CB-239: Reference review style guide from review editor.
  • jira:CB-263: Published date also includes date when saved as a draft
  • jira:CB-55: Separate most used languages in language selector on review creation page
  • jira:CB-253: "Admin" and "moderator" are used interchangeably in the codebase


  • Import your listens from Last.FM if you have a Last.FM account and note any issues if you find them. (O/R)
  • Use the Simple Last.FM Scrobbler Android App to submit listens to LB for a few hours. (O/R)
  • Set up Spotify to submit listens to LB and use it for a few hours. (O/R)
  • jira:LB-212: Show the MetaBrainz logo instead of the MusicBrainz logo on the LB website footer. (UI / CODE)
  • jira:LB-213: Add some usage examples to the LB API documentation. (D/T)
  • jira:LB-148: Write tests for the API Compat feature of LB. (CODE / QA)
  • jira:LB-83: Add a list of LB compatible players (with instructions on how to use them) to the LB website. (D/T)
  • jira:LB-85: Make usernames in LB case-insensitive. (CODE)
  • jira:LB-198: Currently, LB directly uses redis for caching purposes, it'd be better to use brainzutils instead as all MeB projects use that. (CODE)
  • jira:LB-196: Remove duplicated code from LB's different modules (CODE)

Cover Art Archive


3rd party projects



https://github.com/JoeLametta/whipper/issues/200 (CODE)
Include more MusicBrainz IDs in ripped files.