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Various small-ish thing that may be good for Google Code-in. Please feel free to add stuff to this page. Take a look at the three links below for inspiration about what kind of things are eligible for being GCI tasks.

Note: Please mark in parentheses which of the categories the task belongs to (multiple can be assigned): coding (CODE); documentation/training (D/T); quality assurance (QA); user interface (UI); or outreach/research (O/R)



Wiki / Docs (D/T)

  • ListenBrainz: (jira:LB-213) Add some usage examples to the ListenBrainz API documentation. (D/T)


MusicBrainz Picard

JIRA Ticket Description Category
None Tag a release with Picard O/R
None Make a video explaining how tagging with Picard works. For reference use Picard Quick-Start guide D/T, O/R
None Write a useful Picard tagger script D/T
PW-59 Update the picard quick-start with GIFs demonstrating the tagging proccess D/T, O/R
PW-45 Documentation changes for PICARD-1034 D/T
PW-41 Plugins table sortable CODE
PW-35 Update the how to tag files to include the fact that picard is not a mass tagger D/T
PW-33 Documentation changes for PICARD-923 D/T
PW-32 Documentation changes for PICARD-384 D/T
PW-30 Missing documentation for _artists_sort, _albumartists, _albumartists_sort D/T
PW-29 Documentation changes for PICARD-865 D/T
PW-28 Documentation changes for PICARD-887 D/T
PW-25 Update dependencies CODE
PW-24 PLUGIN_API_VERSIONS is not documented D/T
PW-23 Favicon doesn't include adornments CODE
PW-20 Download buttons don't work in IE8 CODE
PW-18 Review the various tag listings D/T
PW-14 Document the process of adding plugins to the plugin list D/T


  • Write a review of your favorite album on CritiqueBrainz. Also, write a review of a place and an event.
  • jira:CB-95: Add WYSIWYG support for the review editor (for Markdown).
  • jira:CB-239: Reference review style guide from review editor.
  • jira:CB-263: Published date also includes date when saved as a draft
  • jira:CB-55: Separate most used languages in language selector on review creation page
  • jira:CB-253: "Admin" and "moderator" are used interchangeably in the codebase


  • Import your listens from Last.FM if you have a Last.FM account and note any issues if you find them. (O/R)
  • Use the Simple Last.FM Scrobbler Android App to submit listens to LB for a few hours. (O/R)
  • Set up Spotify to submit listens to LB and use it for a few hours. (O/R)
  • jira:LB-212: Show the MetaBrainz logo instead of the MusicBrainz logo on the LB website footer. (UI / CODE)
  • jira:LB-148: Write tests for the API Compat feature of LB. (CODE / QA)
  • jira:LB-83: Add a list of LB compatible players (with instructions on how to use them) to the LB website. (D/T)
  • jira:LB-85: Make usernames in LB case-insensitive. (CODE)
  • jira:LB-198: Currently, LB directly uses redis for caching purposes, it'd be better to use brainzutils instead as all MeB projects use that. (CODE)
  • jira:LB-196: Remove duplicated code from LB's different modules (CODE)

Design (User Experience, User Interface and Graphics)

  • Organize the "MeB repository" of design assets (project logos, icons, and fonts) for systematic and quick access.

Cover Art Archive


Rough ideas (not yet categorized)

  • Add 5 <entity>s to BookBrainz and comment on how you find the process
  • Pick a function in the server and write unit tests for it
  • Add flow type annotations to a module
  • Design new badge graphics
  • Document a function
  • Try to crash our test server for an hour, then write a report of what you tried and whether it worked
  • Find duplicate functions and refactor
  • Design icons for our entities
  • Research open book information APIs
  • Research library data exchange formats
  • Create a video of how to edit BookBrainz using the new editing interface on the test server

3rd party projects


whipper (CODE)
Include more MusicBrainz IDs in ripped files. (CODE)
Allow whipper to query a custom MusicBrainz server. (CODE)
"Alternative tagging for classical releases" (CODE)
"Use the track title instead the recoding title"

Userscripts / Importers

  • test importers (see Guides/Userscripts#Importers) and create tickets for broken ones
  • fix a broken importer (CODE javascript)
  • improve an existing importer
  • add a new importer