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Here is a short introduction to the various mentors for MetaBrainz' Google Code-in 2015.
#REDIRECT [[Google Code-in/2018#Mentors]]
== Administrators ==
; [[User:Freso|Freso]] ([[Editor:Freso|@MusicBrainz]], Freso @ IRC; UTC+0100)
: Official MetaBrainz Community Manager (yes, that's his actual job), all-round MetaBrainz knowledge
; [[User:Reosarevok|reosarevok]] ([[Editor:reosarevok|@MusicBrainz]], reosarevok @ IRC; UTC+0200)
: Master of [[Style]] and overall MusicBrainz guy; has the 2nd most number of applied edits to MusicBrainz of all time!
; [[User:Gentlecat|Roman]] ([[Editor:Gentlecat|@MusicBrainz]], Gentlecat @ IRC; UTC+0100)
: One of the primary developers of CritiqueBrainz, AcousticBrainz, and the MetaBrainz and ListenBrainz websites in addition to being one of the official (ie., paid) MusicBrainz developers.
== Mentors ==
; [[User:Mineo|Wieland "Mineo" Hoffmann]] ([[Editor:Mineo|@MusicBrainz]], Mineo @ IRC; UTC+0100)
: Developer of everything that even remotely looks like Python, but mostly Picard.
; [[User:D4rkie|Mihai "d4rkie" Spinei]] ([[Editor:D4RK-PH0ENiX|@MusicBrainz]], Nyanko-sensei / D4RK-PH0ENiX @ IRC; UTC+0900)
; [[User:Drsaunde|David Saunders]] ([[Editor:drsaunde|@MusicBrainz]], drsaunders @ IRC; UTC-0500)
: MusicBrainz editor with the very most accepted edits of all time! Will mostly be mentoring tasks related to MusicBrainz editing.
; [[User:asampson|sampsyo]] ([https://musicbrainz.org/user/Adrian%20Sampson @MusicBrainz], sampsyo @ IRC; UTC-0{5-8}00)
: Author and primary developer of [http://beets.radbox.org/ beets] and will mostly mentor tasks related to this.
; [[User:caller_number_six|Alex / caller#6]] ([http://musicbrainz.org/user/caller%236 @MusicBrainz], CallerNo6 @ IRC; [[wikipedia:Pacific_Time_Zone|PST]] (UTC-0800))
: Occasional editor, sometimes involved in [[Style]] and [[MusicBrainz_Documentation|documentation]].
== I want to be a mentor too! ==
Great! Read https://gist.github.com/Freso/315f0ac13a1303fcb91e first to be sure. Still want to be a mentor? Alright! If you are already involved in any of the MetaBrainz projects, just go ahead and poke Freso in [[IRC|#metabrainz on IRC]]. If you're not, the below are some highly suggested tasks to get you familiar with the various MetaBrainz projects:
# Read [[How to Contribute]] (MusicBrainz) - this one is mandatory!
## Add at least one release that isn't in the database yet
# Write a review for at least one album or concert on [https://critiquebrainz.org/ CritiqueBrainz] (if the concert or album isn't in MusicBrainz yet; add it)
# Tag some of your music files with [http://picard.musicbrainz.org/ MusicBrainz Picard] and play around with its settings.
## Submit AcoustIDs for the album(s)/release(s) you added earlier.
# Analyse the music from the album(s)/release(s) you have and submit that analysis to [http://acousticbrainz.org/ AcousticBrainz]
# (If you have a Last.FM account) Go to [https://listenbrainz.org/ ListenBrainz] and import your Last.FM data.
# ...
You should preferably be able to do the above with only little tuition from #musicbrainz and #metabrainz or you might need to invest more time than what is available before Dec. 7th if you wish to be a mentor. {{Note|Even doing all the above tasks and more, you are still not guaranteed to become a mentor. Stick around during and after the GCI and become known in the community and you will have a much better shot next year!}}

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