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This is the wiki page for the GuessCase JavaScript function.

Keschte has enhanced the guess case script and addressed most of the GuessCaseOldSuggestions.

Implemented modes

  • Sentence mode - same as Standard mode, but
    • Titles only the first word of a sentence.
  • If multiple sentences occur, each one is handled as a separate sentence. (meaning: the next word after one of the sentence stop characters "?","!",".",";", gets titled again)
    • Does not title words after a hyphen.
  • Example: Peut-être, the second part is not titled

New modes under discussion

Still under development

As of May 2005 this has been released on the main server, but it is still CurrentWork and Keschte is still fixing bugs.


How comes that you use comma and semi-colon as sentence stop characters? For comma I can't think of one example when that would end a sentence. For semi-colon I think there could be a few weird uses of it that would make a new sentence start after it, but hardly in regular use. Or do these things differ between different languages? //bnw

Author Keschte