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Extra MusicBrainz/AcoustID integration 1.0
Display additional AcoustID data on MusicBrainz
MB. check all votes (dblclick to vote single edit) 1.0
Adds some buttons to check all unvoted edits (Yes/No/Abs/None) at once in the edit search page. Use shift+click to force all votes, a vote reset button is also available to cancel shift+click (musicbrainz) + Double click radio to vote single edit.
mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS 1.0 CAA front cover art archive pictures/images (release groups and releases) Big illustrated discography and/or inline everywhere possible without cluttering the pages
mb. INLINE STUFF 2012.1214.1924 release page: Inline recording names, comments, ISRC, PUID and AcoustID. Highlights duplicates in releases and edits
mb. TAGGER LINKS NOW 2012.1106.2230 Quickly show or update "TAGGER" links with desired port
MusicBrainz - Link work to recordings 1.0
MusicBrainz : Batch linking a work to recordings
MusicBrainz - Batch-add composer/lyricist/librettist/arranger/orchestrator/publisher/part-of relationships 1.0
Create various relationships between an artist and the selected works or "part of" relationships between a main work and selected works from an artist's works list. Based on bitmap's 'Batch-add "performance of" relationships' userscript.
MusicBrainz - Colourful edits 1.0
A script to add colour to the edit headers in the edit search results.
MusicBrainz Copyable artist credits
MusicBrainz Fast cancel edits
MusicBrainz Relate recordings to works from a release