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Userscripts are Greasemonkey scripts that run in the web browser, making on-the-fly local changes to specific web pages. In this context, they generally augment MusicBrainz pages and/or facilitate editing. You will usually need to install both a userscript runner (e.g., Greasemonkey for Firefox, Tampermonkey for Chrome/Chromium/Safari/Opera Next) and also to install the scripts themselves in your browser before they will work.

Note Note: A lot of the userscripts listed here will not work properly in Chrome/Chromium without Tampermonkey.


Could not edit MB without these:

mb. INLINE STUFF release page: Inline recording names, comments, ISRC, PUID and AcoustID. Highlights duplicates in releases and edits.

Very useful

These make MB much easier to edit

mb. POWER VOTE 1.0
Adds some buttons to check all unvoted edits (Yes/No/Abs/None) at once in the edit search page. You can also collapse/expand (all) edits for clarity. A handy reset votes button is also available + Double click radio to vote single edit + range click with shift to vote a series of edits. , Hidden (collapsed) edits will never be voted (even if range click or shift+click force vote).
mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS 1.0 CAA front cover art archive pictures/images (release groups and releases) Big illustrated discography and/or inline everywhere possible without cluttering the pages
mb. TAGGER LINKS NOW 2012.1106.2230 Quickly show or update "TAGGER" links with desired port
MusicBrainz - Colourful edits 1.0
A script to add colour to the edit headers in the edit search results.
Merges selected or all recordings from tracklist/release A to tracklist/release B in *
MusicBrainz: Paste-A-Date!
This script adds a field after the existing date fields where you can paste a date and it will try to parse it.

Handy to have

MusicBrainz - Batch-add composer/lyricist/librettist/arranger/orchestrator/publisher/part-of relationships 1.0
Create various relationships between an artist and the selected works or "part of" relationships between a main work and selected works from an artist's works list. Based on bitmap's 'Batch-add "performance of" relationships' userscript.
MusicBrainz Relate recordings to works from a release
the predecessor to the relationship editor, just does the works side of it. Has nicer date editing than the rel. editor.
MusicBrainz - Link work to recordings 1.0
MusicBrainz : Batch linking a work to recordings

Occasionally helpful

Extra MusicBrainz/AcoustID integration 1.0
Display additional AcoustID data on MusicBrainz mostly icons on tracks which have acoustIDs. Would be better if it did this anywhere a recording appeared, and maybe indicated how many acoustIDs there were.
MusicBrainz Fast cancel edits
Makes canceling edits much less painful, no need to go to a new page and enter a comment for each one.


These are useful for importing data from various sites semi-automatically into MusicBrainz.

Note: The importers generally function by placing a button of some sort on pages of the site they're made to import from. Clicking that button should open up MusicBrainz.
Import releases from Amazon
Import Bandcamp releases to MusicBrainz
Import Bandcamp releases to MusicBrainz Album Link Helper
Import Beatport releases to MusicBrainz
Import Beatport Pro releases to MusicBrainz
Import CD1D releases to MusicBrainz
CD Baby 
Import CD Baby releases to MusicBrainz
Import Discogs releases to MusicBrainz
Import Encyclopedisque releases to MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz: Import events from Facebook
MusicBrainz: Import from iTunes
Juno Download 
Import Juno Download releases to MusicBrainz 
Import releases to MusicBrainz
Import releases to MusicBrainz
Metal Archives 
Import Metal Archives releases to MusicBrainz
Import Qobuz releases to MusicBrainz
Import Takealot releases to MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz: Import videos from Vimeo
MusicBrainz: Import videos from YouTube

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