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MusicBrainz has great ambitions, and already gets tons of support from the community that has built up around the project. We need all kinds of help: Editing the data, voting on other people's edits, documenting existing software and testing new features. However, we really need software developers and testers to develop the next great MusicBrainz feature. If you think MusicBrainz is cool and you're a motivated hacker/tester and hack on software for fun, please let us know!

If you have most, but not all the skills required we'd be willing to help you learn the missing skills. We're looking for self motivated people willing to learn new things and to challenge the status quo. All of our positions have the following benefits:

  • Undying gratitude of the MusicBrainz community
  • Your name in lights
  • Excellent resume fodder
  • mail address

Open Positions and Tasks

The list of open tasks is kept on our Bug Tracker, and on MusicBrainz Development, and they change quite frequently.

Web Developer

If you do not have all the skills listed in a section, and would like to pick up the remaining skills, then working on MusicBrainz might be the right way to do that. As long as you can self direct your learning, we can help point you in the right direction and get you up and moving. Our web developers need the skills listed below:

  • Mid-level to experienced perl hacker
  • mod_perl experience
  • HTML::Mason experience
  • Know XML and/or RDF
  • SQL Experience, PostgreSQL is our poison of choice.

Client Developer

Our client developers need to have these skills:

  • Experienced C/C++ or Python programmer
  • Experience writing wxWindows applications.
  • Linux lovers preferred, Mac OS X devotees welcome, Win32 Python hackers needed!
  • Know XML and/or RDF

Software Tester

We currently do not have any volunteers focusing on testing. We could really use someone who would be willing to take on the task of putting together a test plan for the MusicBrainz projects and creating the needed tools/scripts to put the test plan into action.

  • Testing web applications, normal applications or software APIs
  • Regression test experience
  • Experience with Linux / Apache / Perl