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=Artist Type: Project=
=Artist Type: Project=

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Status: This page describes an active proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-6
Champion: abandoned
Current status: abandoned

Artist Type: Project

This proposal describes a proposed new ArtistType "Project". This is an open StyleIssue (see the trac ticket). It is currently in the RequestForComments phase.


A project consists of:

A single musician who is the sole engine, creative process behind the project.

  • may tour, with session musicians
  • pulls off of the same musicians, but still retains creative license. (if the extracaricular musicians left, the works would be retained by the project owner, and would need licensing through the project owner for release.)

A single release of multiple musicians that usually will not be retained after the project is released.

  • consists of musicians that do not usually work together, have groups or projects of their own and for the moment are combining to put together a number of songs as a single release, sometimes more. (though usually that would signify a collaboration - not to be utilized for a single song given feat.)

Or is a mixture of both: it has one or more creative forces behind it, who stay consistent over several releases, but changing performers.

Used With Types

Relating of artists to those of the type "Project" can be done with the following AdvancedRelationshipTypes:

The exact link type definition:

project owner (0)

    * forward: has/had project(s)
    * reverse: is/was a project of
    * description: Indicates owners of a project.

project participant (0)

    * forward: {additional:additionally} takes/took part in project
    * reverse: has/had {additional} participant(s)
    * description: Indicates participants of a project.
    * attributes: additional=0-1

Differentiation From Other Artist Types

The current ArtistTypes can either describe a person or a group of persons.

  • An artist object of type "person" directly refers to a person in real life or to a fictitious character.
  • An artist object of type "group" is an entity with a name that refers to several persons. Such a combination of persons can be a band, an orchestra, a choir, a rap combo, a collaboration and whatnot. The artist type does NOT imply that the referred persons are linked to it with the MemberOfBandRelationshipType. They can also be linked as supporting musicians and collaborators so far. There are special cases, for example OneMemberBands.
  • An artist object of type "project" would refer to an idea - so it's the name of an idea, not of a person or a group.

Impact on the Current System

Involved Coding

  • Adding the artist type to mb_server: trivial.
  • Changes needed in the webservice, client libraries, ...: unknown.

More Examples