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Bonus Discs

It is common to package an extra disc of material with some Releases. These are labeled with the DiscNumberStyle.


A bonus disc is a disc of material that is considered extra to the Release. It is used to show the difference between true multi-disc releases (eg, The Beatles - The White Album (disc 1) & (disc 2)), and normal releases augmented by bonus tracks (eg, The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour & Hex Enduction Hour (bonus disc)).

Alert.png Note that the presence of bonus tracks on the primary disc of a release does not mean any subsequent discs aren't bonus discs. A distinction is always made between true multi-disc releases and bonus discs.

Alert.png Also note that the ReleaseAttribute of bonus discs are not necessarily the same as the release they were distributed with. Use the attribute correct for the bonus disc on its own.


  • "Mother Nature Calls (bonus disc)"
  • "Greatest Hits (bonus disc: Acoustic Hits)"


One thing I'm not entirely sure about is how to handle expanded releases which have had their titles changed. Eg, Tri Repetae was also released as Tri Repetae++ 1) & (disc 2). I think we should represent the "++" despite the fact it seemingly only indicates the presence of the bonus disc. I propose renaming the discs to Tri Repetae++ and Tri Repetae++ (bonus disc) respectively. However since things like "Special Edition" are dropped, perhaps we should drop these too? --Gecks

  • I think the key point is whether the original disc is avaliable with or without the second disc (or third..etc), If the disc is available with all versions, use "disc #" and if there are releases available without the release use "bonus disc". For Tri Repetae++ I would say "disc 2" applies as the ++ edition is not available without that 2nd disc -- drsaunde That's pretty much what I'm trying to change the guideline from :) it seems wrong to use (bonus disc) differently just because the album title changes (to reflect that it's packaged with a bonus disc, no less), or bonus tracks are present on the album disc. with this update i am trying to make the distinction between true multi-disc releases (eg, beatles - the white album), and reissues of single disc (or multi-disc) albums with extra bonus discs. -- Gecks
    • If Tri Repetae++ is always released as a 2-disc set, I'd use disc 1 and disc 2. And of course have bothe an entry for the 'first' disc as Tri Repetae++ and Tri Repetae. SO exactly as it is in the database at this moment (2007-09-18 18:09 GMT+1) --Zout
      • Again, the fact that it is always available as a 2-disc set does not alone mean it should be (disc 1) and (disc 2), according to the proposal. Tri Repetae is a single disc album - Tri Repetae++ is the name given to a version packaged with a (bonus disc). How to deal with this I think is unclear, but certainly according to the proposal there would not be a (disc 1) and (disc 2), only one or two versions of the album, and one version of the (bonus disc), as per my first comment. --Gecks