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Style for BoxSets

There are two cases of BoxSets:

  1. A set of albums or singles which are also available seperately;
  2. A multi-album compilation.

(1) In the first case, we currently don't cater for retaining box set information and simply treat the albums as seperate albums. The rationale is that we can't cater for everything with the current system, and adding box set details will clutter up the titles for non-box-set owners. This will probably change when AdvancedRelationships becomes available.

(2) In the second case, the box set title becomes the overall ReleaseTitle for a MultiDiscRelease and we follow the DiscNumberStyle. Thus the following is correct:

"Box_Set_Title (disc 2)"

"Box_Set_Title (disc 1: Album_Title)"

In some cases, there will be multiple boxes to a box set. In such cases, use the following convention:

"Box_Set_Title (box 3, disc 2)"

"Box_Set_Title (box 2: Box_Title, disc 1)"

"Box_Set_Title (box 4, disc 2: Album_Title)"

"Box_Set_Title (box 1: Box_Title, disc 3: Album_Title)"


"Joe Bloggs Collected Works (disc 2: The Later Years)"

"The Led Zeppelin Box Set (box 2, disc 3)"


This was previously written as :

For CD Box sets that contain more than one multiple CD volume, indicate the name of the box set in the title of the release as follows:  

The Later Years (disc 2)

If the individual boxes are not named, then indicate the box and disc as follows:

The Led Zeppelin Box Set (box 2, disc 3)

Which didn't make a lot of sense to me. Hopefully the revised version is a bit clearer and follows the spirit of the original rule.