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Tragedia lirica in 2 acts. Libretto: Felice Romani. Premiere: 11 March 1830.

ReleaseTitle: I Capuleti e i Montecchi (FeaturingArtist). e.g. I Capuleti e i Montecchi (Wiener Symphoniker feat. conductor: Fabio Luisi).

ReleaseArtist: Vincenzo Bellini

AdvancedRelationships: For all tracks of the opera, link these Artists:

  • Vincenzo Bellini composed (track) (composition years: blank-1830)
  • Felice Romani wrote the libretto for (track) (composition years: blank-1830)
  • (fill in your symphony) performed orchestra (track) (performance dates: fill in first and last dates of recording sessions, if known)
  • (fill in your conductor) conducted (track) (performance dates: fill in first and last dates of recording sessions, if known)

Vocal parts: Here is a list of each vocal part, with abbreviations. Below that is a table giving track titles, and which vocal performers appear in each segment. For each track where an artist appears, link the Artist as follows:

  • (fill in your artist) sang vocal (fill in the voice type) on (track) (performance dates: fill in first and last dates of recording sessions, if known)

This is placeholder content from Norma, until I get the Capuleti material filled in. JimDeLaHunt 07:57, 11 October 2011 (UTC)

Abbrev. Character Voice type
P Pollione Tenor
O Oroveso Bass
N Norma Soprano
A Adalgisa Soprano
Cl Clotilde Mezzosoprano
F Flavio Tenor
Co Chorus Chorus

TrackTitles: The first columns indicate which vocal performer appears in each scene, according to the musical score. Follow these first columns when assigning ARs to tracks. The rows here are fairly fine-grained.

Your Release may have one track which includes multiple rows of the table. Also, if your Release uses different wording for the music type (before the quotes) and within the quotes, you can use that instead. Some Release liners divide the acts into Scenes, but the vocal score does not. It divides each act into seven parts, e.g. "Scena e Cavatina".

P O N A Cl F Co Tracktitle
   Norma: Sinfonia
O Co Norma: Act I. Coro d'introduzione "Ite sul colle, o Druidi" (Oroveso, Chorus)