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Before starting on this one, a basic question for Chopin experts/fans (I have some Chopin, but am definitely no expert on his works):

I'd assume that the standard Op. xx No. yy form makes the most sense, when possible, using the ChopinMusic list. When not possible, however, there's several various overlapping indexes, and I've seen all of them mixed together in the database at the moment (even when the Opus form could have been used, in some cases.)

So, is there any preference as to the Maurice John Edwin Brown (Br) index (some people seem to currently be incorrectly listing this as "B" in the database at the moment), the Józef Michał Chominski (C) index, or the Krystyna Kobylanska (KK) index? Br is a chronological index, C is alphabetical (by Opus, then all the posthumous works alphabetically), and KK is C, but using page numbers. Personally, I think the Br approach is the cleanest, and would present the non-Opus catalog in the most chronologically ordered way (just as the Opus list is, as well as the Mozart K6 and the JS Bach BWV lists are). Also, for columns, would it be best to list all 4 indexes, or are some of the 3 indexes so obscure/never-on liners as to be simply column clutter that can safely be left out of the listing? -- BrianSchweitzer 18:44, 02 January 2008 (UTC)


(All to be added here...)

Author: BrianFreud