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Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-82
Champion: BrianFreud
Current status: Awaiting NGS implementation for final revision and passage.


Trac ticket # 4426

The Classical Style Guidelines:

CSG for Tracks and Recordings:

Track/Recording Artist

Official Documentation > Style Guidelines > The Classical Style Guidelines
Title: Work and Opus | Movement | Ornamentation | Special Cases

Status: Everything below this point is in need of cleanup for CSGv2

The artist should be the composer(s) of the performed work.

The correct composer(s) to use may not be obvious:

  • A work by one composer consists of variations on a work by a different composer.
    Use the composer of the variations.
  • A work was left unfinished by the original composer, then completed by another composer.
    Use both composers.
  • A work was composed by one composer, then arranged, orchestrated, and/or instrumentated by a different artist.
    Use the composer, not the arranger, orchestrator, or instrumentator.

Classical "Covers"

In releases where classical works are arranged, remixed, or otherwise substantially modified by the primary performer, that performer should be designated as ReleaseArtist. The composer(s) should be attributed only by AdvancedRelationships of the ComposerRelationshipType either to the whole album (if there is only one composer), or the individual tracks (if there are several composers). here we say arrangements is an exeption, but further down it's not?

When dealing with works that are NOT covers, the composer is designated as artist, as usual:

Also, when one composer has arranged a work by another, one would use the same plan:

  • Franz Schubert's German Dances, D. 820 as arranged by Anton Webern should be entered with Schubert as the TrackArtist, and connected to Webern via the ArrangerRelationshipType. Benjamin Britten's arrangement of the tune "Tom Bowling" should be entered with [trad.] as the TrackArtist and connected to Britten via the ArrangerRelationshipType. Beethoven Symphonies 5, 6 in Piano Transcription by Franz Liszt (feat. piano: Glenn Gould)