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Change Track Artist

This edit changes the Artist File:artist.gif of an individual Track notes.gif, without affecting the artist File:artist.gif of the entire Release File:release.gif.

How to do it

  • For a currently single artist release, click "Show all track Artists" first. Then for either single or VariousArtists releases, you can click the pencil icon File:edit-off.gif beside any artist and type a new artist value. Then either use the inline "Lookup" function to find the new TrackArtist, or click "Continue" to move to the next step where you will asked to manually search for and select the new track artist.



Common reasons for using this edit include:

  • because the track is a remix by the release artist, but originally by a different artist, i.e RemixStyle
  • because the release artist is only featured on a track, which was originally by a different artist, i.e. FeaturingArtistStyle
  • to fix a VariousArtists release which has tracks attributed incorrectly, or artists currently contained within TrackTitles




A ChangeTrackArtistEdit will fail due to a FailedPrerequisite if another ChangeTrackArtistEdit changes the artist.


A ChangeTrackArtistEdit will fail due to a FailedDependency if the track, release or target artist are deleted by RemoveTrackEdit, RemoveReleaseEdit or RemoveArtistEdit, respectively.

Symbolic name and id