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* [[Developers Mailing List]]
* [[Developers Mailing List]]
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[[Category:To Be Reviewed]] [[Category:Download]]

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Products > Classic Tagger > Classic Tagger Download

Please read the introduction to the Classic Tagger if you are not familiar with the Classic Tagger (or MusicBrainz Tagger).


The Classic Tagger is licensed under the GPL (Gnu Public License).


Source Code

The source code of the mb_tagger is available using anonymous Subversion access. Read the Subversion page for instructions on how to use Subversion and checkout the mb_tagger source code. Alternatively, you can browse the mb_tagger Subversion repository directly using the source browser.

svn checkout http://svn.musicbrainz.org/mb_tagger/trunk mb_tagger

Bugs, Feedback, Mailing List

  • The Classic Tagger is no longer being developed and has been deprecated in favour of the Picard Tagger. No new bugs or enhancement requests will be accepted.
  • Developers Mailing List