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MusicBrainz has a sandbox server, called rika and accessible from subdomains of mbsandbox.org, where MusicBrainz contributors can request an account to show off their work and allow others to test it as part of the code review process.


2013-01-12 data dump; connect as user musicbrainz for read/write access (but make your own DB if you're going to do anything dangerous data-wise!)
running as expected; connect as user musicbrainz for read only access
potentially-needed updates
If your server is still running pre-Plack, ping ianmcorvidae to change your config to use FCGI
If you're missing dependencies, run 'carton install --deployment' and it'll likely be fixed

Existing Sandboxes

Sandboxes (potentially) running (these could be running just about anything, though!):

Getting an account

To get a sandbox of your very own, you should contact Leftmost one of these ways:

  • via the MusicBrainz website, editor Leftmost Cat
  • via IRC, Leftmost on FreeNode (come say hi in #musicbrainz or #musicbrainz-devel, while you're at it!)