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Template:StyleHeader Style for disc numbers, multiple discs with individual names, singles with disc numbers & bonus discs.

  • Discs without an extra title
    • When a disc is part of a MultiDiscRelease and has no DiscTitle, indicate the disc number by appending " (disc x)"[1] to the ReleaseTitle, with 'x' indicating the sequential number without zero padding, letters etc. Also, if other words than 'disc' are specifically used on the release (e.g. 'page'), still use 'disc'.
  • Discs with an extra title
    • An extension to the case above: when a disc also has a DiscTitle, that name must be included as follows: " (disc x: Disc Title)"
  • Bonus discs
    • For a BonusDisc, apply the above guidelines, only using "bonus disc" in place of "disc x".

Note that a DiscNumber is not the same as a VolumeNumber.

DiscNumbers for singles are also added, even when they're sold separately. It is common practice in many countries, for example the UK, to number these singles. They're usually released on the same dates in the same countries. Only add a DiscNumber to the ReleaseTitle if it is actually written on the sleeve!


  • "The Wall (disc 2)"
  • "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (disc 2: Twilight to Starlight)"
  • "Beautiful Freak (bonus disc)"
  • "Greatest Hits (bonus disc: Acoustic Hits)"

  1. Yes, there is a space before the paranthesis. The ReleaseTitle should be separated from the DiscNumber in parantheses by a space.