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Future of Music Summit Ad

With increased support from Google we have a little money to start making noise about MusicBrainz. In order to target musicians and hard-core music fans we're going to sponsor the Future of Music Coalitions Policy Summit on September 17 & 18. The sponsorship gives us exposure on the Future of Music web site and signage at the event (including tall banners hung on both sides of the stage). The banners on the stage are key, because the audience's eyes are drawn to them. Finally we also have a half page ad in the conference brochure -- this ad measures 4.5 inches by 3.625 inches. The goal of this page is to decide what we should put into that ad.

The target audience at the summit include: musicians, music fans, entrepreneurs and policy makers. MusicBrainz has something to offer for three of the targeted audiences. When it comes to Policymakers, they should really focus on impeaching Bush, so we don't care about them.

What should our ad say? How can we draw in the three target audiences? Remember that we shouldn't have too much text -- no one is going to read a chunky blob of text. We'll need to keep it simple and straight to the point. I'm going to paste my first attempt for an ad below. If you have suggestions/fixes or other comments, please leave them below. If you have a totally different suggestion from mine, please add yours and leave my (and other's suggestions intact). -- RobertKaye

Mayhem's Draft

[ MusicBrainz Logo ]

We’re building the comprehensive music encyclopedia with the help of fans and musicians everywhere.

Musicians, please come and let us know about your music. Tell us what you’ve released, who contributed to your work and let fans find your music.

Fans, please help us make MusicBrainz better by contributing your knowledge about your favorite music and use our tools to clean up your digital music collection.

Entrepreneurs, use our music metadata to power your music project.

Come to http://musicbrainz.org to find out more. The MetaBrainz Foundation, a 501.c.3 non-profit run by music fanatics operates the MusicBrainz project.


  • I like your opening sentence, but I think the next few sentences aren't very cohesive. They seem to divide the roles of our targets, but I think we should be bringing them together to a collective goal. Here's what I've added, just a rushed attempt as I've got to get back to studying: "We’re building a comprehensive music encyclopedia with the help of fans and musicians everywhere! MusicBrainz provides extensive details about your favourite artists that can be used to power your music application or to turn your MP3 collection into a repository of useful information!" -AaronCooper
  • I think the way that MusicBrainz isn't just a discography listing but it ties all the discographies together with the AR's is what really defines it from similar things like gracenote. Also that it's created and contributed to by the community like wiki. Emphasizing both will make is sound different and better than all the music discographies sites already out there. The contribution part in the message covers part of that, but it should say more about how it ties all different music for people to see. -Kerensky97