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Thanks for coming to check out MusicBrainz -- we're working hard to create a comprehensive music information database. We'd like to know which artists have released which music, when and where the music was released and who contributed to the creation of the music. We want to capture the important pieces of information and the trivial bits alike! We want to capture this data for all types of music from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.


Is your music catalogued on MusicBrainz? To find out, search or browse for yourself or your band. We may have already have collected lots of information or none at all.

Either way, please tell us about your music. Create an account and How Editing Works get familiar with our style guidelines] and then add yourself as an artist and add your music releases, web sites and other bits of information you'd like the world to know about you and your music. If you already exist in our database, please take a look at the data we have already collected and help us ensure its correct and complete.

We'll make sure this data is available to the public as we work to collect all there is to know about music.

Music Fans

Is your music collection a mess? We can help! Check out our collection of client tools designed to identify your music, write clean ID3 tags and organize your music in your preferred way.

While cleaning up your music collection we would love it if you could tell us about the music that you own that we don't have indexed yet. We want to know and capture as much information about music as you're willing to share with us. And if you like the project and want to support us, please consider making a donation. We're a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit so your donations are tax deductible!

Entrepreneurs/Computer geeks

Do you need music metadata for your startup? Do you want to find out what music exists and where to find the music? If you're starting a company that needs music metadata or you just want to take a look at lot of data, then MusicBrainz can help. We license our data for commercial use, but we let non-commercial users tinker with the data to their hearts delight -- free of charge. Check out our data -- search, browse, or even download the whole database.

To find out about commercial licensing of our data, take a look at our live data feed, our data products page, or the data license page.