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Getting Rid of Featuring Artist Style

This page tries to sum all problems of and possible solutions to the FeaturingArtistStyle.

The idea to create this page comes from a post from DonRedman on mb-users (start of discussion here).

Problems with the current Guideline

The current FeaturingArtistStyle has a couple of severe issues. This section should identify them:

  • Applying FeaturingArtistStyle makes information disappear. Converting A & B - Track Name to A - Track Name (feat. B) doesn't necessarily mean artist A is the primary artist and B is a sort of guest artist.
  • A search for A & B doesn't list artists that have tracks Track Name (feat. B).
  • ...

On the other hand the current Guideline is not completely void of sense. the pro's for it are:

  • The herarchy between the CoreEntities Artist-Album-Track is kept (well, at the expense of one artist being completely dropped out of this hierarchy). Most media players categorize tracks this way.
  • ...

Proposed Solutions

This section should help to get a cleareer picture of the proposed solutions and their inconvenients. IIRC there are two possible solutions:

Now we would need to describe these proposals in detail and then sum up all arguments for and against them.

Authors: Everybody :-)